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Elsie and Florinda Cottages Weston

Hi Ed
I just happened across the voyage while doing something else and thought of you.
At the moment I am scrolling through street directories.

Moss cottage
1931 Samuel Cozens
1946 Samuel Cozens
1970 nil

Ivy cottage
1931 Frederick Cozens
1946 William Sparkman
1970 nil

Sunnyside cottage
1931 Albert Thompson
1946 Thomas Foley
1970 nil

Elsie cottage
1931 Mrs Haddow
1946 Mrs Haddow
1970 Mrs E haddow

Florinda cottage
1931 Dan and Ella Moody(music teacher)
1946 Dan Moody
1970 Bert Starling

Parkview cottage
1931 Frank Cozens
1946Frank Cozens
1970 Alfred H Allwood

Crescent cottage
1931 Mrs Ada Morse
1946 Rd Morse
1970 Albert Edward Morse

Mersey cottage
1931 Albert Edward Unwin
1946 Mrs Holt
1970 Frederick J Noice/Mrs Holt

Regards Jim
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Yes, my Great Grandfather was Frank Cozens, whose daughter Annie Cozens was my grandmother. Her sisters were Harriet and Daisy. I don't remember Harriet but knew 'Aunt Dais' very well.

Sarah Cozens was my G Grandmother, I think she was the elder sister to your G Grandfather Frank Cozens. I think I remember Auntie Annie!
George Pike Cozens is my GG Grandfather. I have a picture of him in his uniform and I have the sextant, compass, parallel rules and set square from the yacht Florinda on which he was the Master Mariner. The yacht was launched in 1873 and owned by William Jessop, George's daughter was named after the yacht. A model of the yacht is held in the store of the Maritime Museum at Greenwich. I have been to the store and have pictures of the model yacht. A photograph of the yacht itself is held by Beken of Cowes. I have also researched the history of the yacht which we traced up to the 1960's.

I also have his medal from the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club of which were presented to the 5 founder members.

My mother also used to refer to Florinda as Auntie Flo.

My parents lived in Park View Cottage next to Elsie and Florinda Cottages at Weston when I was born.

Hi bmasters

I am trying to find out about George Pike Cozens - he was also my GG Grandfather, I know he was the captain of Florinda but interested if you have any more history about him? Thanks. Have put up an album of the Florinda.
Came across this site and tread. Of interest to me because I brought an old Grandfather clock and inside was an handwritten note signed J Moody 18\12\1900.
the note says that the clock came from Fonthill owned by Mr Beckford and was the front hall clock there. He goes on to say that he brought the clock from a Dicky Hyde a Broker of Salisbury who had kept the clock in his store for 40 years.
An old postcard was in with the note dated 1928 to M Moody stating the clock was made around 1691.
Also the note says the clock was given by Mrs Ella Powell nee Moody in 1962 to the Massey family at Hazel Lodge
If anyone could help with any further info or know who Dicky Hyde was that would be greatly appreciated