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Elsie Peaker who did she marry???


Hi all, another brick wall of mine is My Gt Aunt Elsie Peaker b 1900 Leeds to James Arthur Peaker and Lilly Morton.

Now what i do know is that My GAunt was a GI bride and moved to New York state, this is fact as my dad and uncle recieved letters of her after she got there, but they never kept any as they were quite frightend by her letters as there was evidence Elsie had joined a religious cult of some sort.

but who did Elsie Marry and what happend to her after that?? ive tried looking at passenger lists but hit my brick wall, now there is a marriage to a Jones in Durham 1946 but this is not my Elsie as i already got that marriage cert and its not the correct one. wrong date of birth and father.

Now i have found this but.......there is only 1 Elsie Peaker born 1900 Leeds. there is a marriage for Elsie Peaker and Thomas Hart 1919 but there is also a ship crossing for Elsie Thaw Hart 1929 stating married born Leeds 1900.

I always thought that GI brides were during WWII, and my uncle was born 1939 Leeds, and remembers going to her house. so the 1929 doesnt fit.
Much help is greatly appriciated

This looks like the Elsie Thew Hart on the incoming passenger list . She gives her address in England as 10, Sholebrook Ave, Leeds.


Elise T Hart
Age 29
Port of departure New York New York
Arrival date 30 Apr 1930
Port of Arrival Southampton
Ship Empress of Australia
Hi Weenie,

The US didnt come into WW2 until 1941, so if she was a war bride we're looking from that year. With Elsie being born in 1900 she may also have married previous, so Elsie may be married under Elsie ------- and not Peaker. Just a thought.
hi guys, Well thats what i thought a bit too old..... My uncle just said " she went to New York State as a GI bride, and got a few letters from her asking how we were, and that every other word mentioned God, this God that and she had joined this cult group, and that was enough for me an ya dad..... We threw them away and didnt write back. i just havent found any trace of her though since 1911 census.
Thanks though guys for your help
is there any records to look through for people joining the salvation army, never thought of that angle?...