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Elusive Deaths?


dovercourt but born Enfield
I find it strange that in some families the death of an ancestor is never found:confused:
I have often wondered if it was due to the birth being incorrect at the time of death or that poor written skills:D
Later deaths seem to be more correctly listed:)
Maybe they died alone with no relatives who had the relevant information - still very trying!

You have to expect 5 years each way on age ,and if they took ill before hand then they may have died in the poorhouse where they also treated the ill.
Not only do some disappear from the Census but there are some who aren't baptised or married either. There are so many baptisms , marriages and deaths that I cannot find I sometimes wonder how I manage to have a family tree!
Unknown man found drowned.
Died in the street on a job (coachman, carman etc) far away from where they lived and were unidentified.
Buried in the workhouse grounds.
Emeltee - when you say you can't find baptisms, you are assuming they followed the Anglican traditions. The family may have been non-conformists so there wouldn't necessarily be a baptism.
There are times when I can find the marriage of the parents and baptisms of some of the children but not necessarily all of them. I know there are other children because they appear in Censuses and later as witnesses at weddings even but their baptism is not to be found.