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Elusive gt grandmother


Thurrock, Essex
I have now arrived at a conclusion about my gt grandmother, that unless I can find a clue or someone can recognise her from my description, I will never find her.

She was Mary Hannah Copeland born 1850 in Derby, she married George Nelson Grant , he came from Edinburgh Scotland, I have no idea of when he arrived and settled in Derby,he was a "travelling postman" and his first wife Mary Plewes died soon after the brth of their son. His next wife was Mary Hannah Copeland, then she disappeared sometime after 1881, and it transpires that they must have parted. In 1891 George had a new "wife" Annie, then in 1910 they were married in Derby, George stating that he was now a widower, so Mary Hannah had to have died around that time.

How on earth can I ever find her without knowing what her adopted surname had been, does anyone have any ideas that I could try?
I am assuming that she may have returned to Derby, was that where she was burried? from sometime after 1891 my gt grandfather & Annie were living in Leicester, where he died in 1919.

Mary Hannah`s brother and his family had moved to Leicester after 1881, but the rest of the family appear to have remained in Derby.

I do hope someone can come up with an idea that could help me find her , its possible too that she may have had more children with her new partner?
have you considered that Mary Hannah might not have died he possible just said she had so he could remarry. Could she have also married someone else
Sorry its not very helpfull but it might be worth checking to see.
Good luck