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EMENEY, Alice Kate 1888 to 12/5/1953


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My uncle James Reginald EMENEY (1893 to 1975) is giving me the runaround! :confused:James was the black sheep of the family, spent time in the navy, enjoyed a drink and lost contact with the rest of the family for part of his life.

My father has assured me that James never married but I have now received a record of his marriage to Alice Kate GOYMER on 8 April 1922 :eek: Alice was 34 and described as a widow. It's difficult to read the handwriting but it looks like her father's name was George SNELLING. His occupation is given as Inn Keeper and Alice's address is The Red Rose Inn, Lindsey Tye, Suffolk, so it looks like she was living with her family.

I've since found a probate record for Alice which confirms her date of death as 12/5/1953. One of the recipients her her will was Sidney GOYMOUR. This makes me wonder if the registrar spelt her name correctly when she married in 1922.

Alice didn't leave anything to James and he was mentioned in the will of another lady in 1956, so I'm not sure if Alice and James were together when she died.

I'd really like to find out more about James and the women in his life. Can anyone suggest routes I could follow?


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Alice Kate Farthing b 1880 Cosford,,,marries a Bertie George Goymer in 1904 in Cosford. Bertie dies in 1918.

in the 1911 census Bertie and Alice are residing at the Red Rose Lindsey Ipswich Suffolk with her father,,, George Farthing b 1853 an Innkeeper.....And her son...Sydney Goymer b 1905.
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