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Emily SILVIA - 1939 Register


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Birth Date: 31 Mar 1890 ? * should be 1891
Date of Registration: Apr-May-Jun 1983
Age at Death: 93
Registration District: Worthing
Inferred County: West Sussex
Volume: 18
Page: 2050

Looking for Emily in 1939 register.


I have found a passenger list for the "Orontes" in February 1915 bound for Brisbane. On the list were Harold Silvia, 24, an Electrician, and wife Emily 23.

Harold Silvia married Emily Garrod Mar 1915 Lambeth 1d 424
Looks as though she was with son, Harold J R Silvia when she died.

There is this for Harold Jr. possibly, [Sr. looks to be in Oz or NZ]..

London E/R 1946
Harold J R Silvia
Ward or Division/Constituency: Clapham, Putney and Streatham
County or Borough: Wandsworth
[71 Bromfelde Road]
Says Service Register [X] at top of page so was possibly a serviceman..

Oh! Trawling through the E/R's there is this..

London E/R 1950
Emily Silvia
Street address: 71 7k7 [sic]
Ward or Division/Constituency: Clapham and Central
County or Borough: Wandsworth
[Add = 71 Bromfelde Road]

There are others at that address, but not with same name..

Emily is at the Bromfelde Address in 1945 [no Harold], so maybe 2x registers, one for service people in the war years, security?


EDIT: Just found Harold at that address in 1945, listed as a service register. In some records he looks to change his names/initials around.
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Thanks Emeltee.

Married in England in 1915 and then went to Australia where two sons were born.

Then divorced and Harold senior ended up in New Zealand.

Emily is said to have returned to England with her two sons "before WWII" so was hoping to find her in 1939.

Emily Garrod age 23 married 23 Jan 1915 Emmanuel Lambeth to Harold Reginald Silvie – her father James Garrod – Parish Registers. - she died April qtr 1983 Worthing West Essex

Harold Reginald Silvia age 24 - father William James Silvia

There’s Harold Reginald SILVA marriage NZ in 1929 to Violet Myrtle Margaret Heron
NZ death for a Harold Reginald SILVA in 1965 Hokitika NZ

NZ Police Gaz 1935 – Auckland 26th ultimo on warrant for failing to maintain his wife Violet Myrtle Silvia and two children, Ellerslie, Harold Reginald SILVIA aged 45 height 5ft 10in, seaman, native of NZ, medium build, fresh complexion, brown hair and eyes with snake in beak on chest, sailor, woman and “Eva” on one arm… cancellec 17/7/35
On NAA (file open)– Mrs Silvia wanting whereabouts of her Husband – Emily Silvia wife 12 Cramton st Newington Buffs, Walworth S E 14 – dated 27/3/27 – description matches NZ Police Gaz.
Thanks Val.

The NZ Police Gaz bit is new to me. Actually a native of Sydney. Around 1914 he was an electrician.

Interesting that the name is SILVA from Western Islands = Azores and in Australia one branch of the family used SILVIA.

Birth 3420/1890 SILVIA HAROLD R - WILLIAM J - JANE - SYDNEY * 22 Nov
I know it's confusing - Not looking at military one, the one above has wife Emily looking for him in 1927 and front page is account from a hotel owner who knew him... the descriptions match police gazette... found a few for him on paperspast for drunkenness too. reckon old Harold was good at telling porkies....
Thanks Val.

That date of 1927 puts Emily in England.

I've not looked in NZ very much for details on him.

The 1939 Register post reminded me I had a possible look up.
was one of their son's also called Harold J R Silvia? as few for him on UK rolls.

**** adding NAA has Emily lived with husband for about 5 years while in Australia

Harold James Reginald b. 1916 d. 1989 and George Walter Douglas b. 1918 d. 1943 KIA Italy.
Violet Myrtle Margaret Heron b. 14 Feb 1912 NZ ??

Not found on NZ BDM.

NZ Death 21 Sep 1952/23712 Moore Violet Myrtle 39Y
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Dave, do you know where Harold Reginald was born? as I think he was the one born in NSW 1890 Mum Jane.. just looking at missing person from Emily - has his relation listed in NSW and he's other occupation was electrician when not at sea..
Birth 3420/1890 SILVIA HAROLD R - WILLIAM J - JANE - SYDNEY * 22 Nov

Can't find a notice in Trove.

Enlisted RAN 22 Feb 1913 - S/N 7858 - NOK mother SILVIA Jane living at Parsley Rd, Parsley Bay, NSW - Discharged 21 Jul 1914

SILVIA William James, Parsley-road, master mariner
SILVIA Jane Sands, Parsley-road, domestic duties
William James born and died as SILVA.

Death 3963/1955 SILVA JANE SANDS 86 YEARS MOSMAN REDFERN * 23 Feb 1955 * that means died at Mosman and registered at Redfern

Not in Ryerson

Jane died on 23 Feb 1955 in 100 Spit Road, Mosman. She was buried on 25 Feb 1955 in South Head Cemetery. ?

No record found so far of her burial at South Head Cemetery (under the main heading of Waverley Cemetery)

SILVA William J.
AGE: 74
DEATH DATE: 16 December 1937
DETAILS: Section: G, Row: 5, Grave: 195
INSCRIPTION: Capt. Son of above.