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Emma PRICE c. 2 Feb 1842 Saint Mary Pembroke, Wales
- parents Stephen PRICE & Ann

I'd like a look up for the family in 1851 and 1861 please.


Hi Dave,

This was the only one I could find, mothers name Margaret. Could be that it was a 2nd marriage for Stephen as there is a 6yr age gap between the William age 1 and Joseph age 7.

1851 - CP Monkton
RD Pembroke
Sub RD Tenby

Stephen Price head age 38 occ farm labourer born Narberth
Margaret wife age 35 born Monkton
Emma dau age 9 born St Mary
Joseph son age 7 born St Mary
William son age 1 born Monkton

Class H0107
Piece 2476
Folio 616
Page 4

1861 - CP Monkton
RD Pembroke
Sub RD Pembroke

Stephen Price head widower age 47 occ ab born Narberth
Emma dau age 19 born St Mary
William son age 11 born Monkton
Ann dau age 10 born Monkton
John son age 6 born Monkton
George son age 6 born Monkton
Jane dau age 4 born Monkton

Class RG9
Piece 4158
Folio 63
Page 7

Possible marriages for Stephen

1841 - Pembroke

Stephen Price
Ann John

1848 - Pembroke

Stephen Price. One of the brides listed is a Margaret Brace.
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Possible marriages for Stephen Price.

1841 - Pembroke

Stephen Price
Ann John

1848 - Pembroke

Stephen Price. One of the brides listed is a Maragret Brace.

1871 - CP St Mary Pembroke
RD Pembroke
Sub RD Pembroke

Stephen Price head age 52 occ lab born Narberth
Elizabeth wife age 54 born St Brides
Jane dau age 14 born Monkton
Mary Ann Lewis step dau age 17 occ dressmaker born Thurton

Class RG10
Piece 5517
Folio 52
Page 3

There is a marriage for a Stephen Price in 1865 Pembroke. I expected to see a Elizabeth Lewis amongst the brides. The only Elizabeth is a Elizabeth Griffiths, but then there are 3 grooms and only 2 brides so one is missing.
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Hello Julie,

Thank you very much.

I'm glad you didn't find Emma there in 1871:

Marriages Sep 1862
Price Emma Pembroke 11a 902
Williams George Pembroke 11a 902

Where is Dr Watson? :2fun: I've got some work to do.

I can see why the informant didn't know what to put down for Emma's mother's name. :D



Hello Julie,

Marriages Dec 1865
Griffiths Mary Ann Pembroke 11a 1352
Lewis Elizabeth Pembroke 11a 1352 *** Image looks like 1352
Rixon William Pembroke 11a 1352

Marriages Dec 1865
Griffiths Elizabeth Pembroke 11a 1332
Jones David Pembroke 11a 1332
Kelley James Pembroke 11a 1332
Price Stephen Pembroke 11a 1332 *** Image looks like 1352
Spearman Anne Pembroke 11a 1332


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