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Emma Trodd, Weston, St Mary's Extra

Hello Hammy! redf)

Ummmm! I've been checking back and you did all this some postings back didn't you! I can't find a smilie with egg on it's face but I could make good use of it if there was one!

Quick change of subject I think!

Is anyone wanting Bishops Waltham Trodds? I came across some which I hadn't found before. I think they are probably new entries and it's very good to know that we can keep coming across new information. These are 1700s marriages.

I think A---y has been updating too as I have found info on there which I hadn't seen before. I do keep checking back on old 'wants' just in case.

Came across this Dagwell today as I was checking Martha's:

The Parish of Leyland
in the County of
-- Lancashire --
Marriages at the Church of St Andrew
in the Parish of Leyland
Marriages recorded in the Register for the years 1754 - 1766
Marriage: 18 Oct 1763 St Andrew, Leyland, Lancashire, England
Thomas Jolley - (X), Widower of Leyland
Martha Dagwell - (X), Spinster of Leyland
Witness: Thomas Longton; James Crook
Banns Read: Sep 25 1763, 2nd: Oct 2 1763, 3rd: Sep 9 1763
Married by Banns by: Thomas Baldwin Vicar
Register: Marriages 1754 - 1766, Page 74, Entry 294
Source: LDS Film 93951

I'll go back to my digging!

Some more Dagwells:

1841 England Census
Name: Martha Dagwell Age: 20
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1821
Where born: Hants, Civil Parish: St Mary Extra
Hundred: Mainsbridge (Upper Half) Hants.
Registration district: South Stoneham
Sub registration district: St Mary Extra
James Lowry 65 Navy H.P.
Elizabeth Lowry 30
Martha Dagwell 20 Family Servant

England & Wales, FreeBMD Marriage Index: 1837-1983
Name: Martha Dagwell to Edward Ireland
Year of Registration: 1858
Quarter of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar
District: Southampton Volume: 2c Page: 4
England & Wales, FreeBMD Marriage Index: 1837-1983
Name: Edward Ireland
Year of Registration: 1858
Quarter of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar
District: Southampton Volume: 2c Page: 4

Hampshire: - Marriage License allegations, Bishop of Winchester, 1689-1837
Allegations for Marriage Licences in Hampshire, in the Registry of the Bishop of Winchester. Volume 3.
Dagwell, Joseph, of St. Lawrence, Winchester, drayer, 22, b., & Martha Nicholas, of St. Thomas, in the s., 21, sp., 08 Dec 1764.

And a couple of Trodds!

1851 England Census
Name: John Trodd Age: 68
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1783
Where born: Winton, Hampshire, England
Civil Parish: St Luke Old Street
Ecclesiastical parish: St Barnabas
County/Island: Middlesex
Registration district: St Luke
Sub registration district: Old Street
ED, institution, or vessel: 4
Household schedule number: 34
Address: 14 Noble St
John Trodd 68 Carpenter Master employs 3 x men. Winton Hants
Martha Trodd 30 St Luke Mddlsx
Phoebe Morris 13 House Servant St Pancras Mddlsx

1841 England Census
Name: John Trodd Age: 76
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1765
Civil Parish: St Mary Extra
Hundred: Mainsbridge (Upper Half)
County/Island: Hampshire
Registration district: South Stoneham
Sub registration district: St Mary Extra
John Trodd 76
Martha Trodd 68
Harriett Trodd 30
William Trodd 24
Ann Trodd 5

I have a little problem that I have been looking at recently and wonder if any of you know the answer.

in the 1901 census George and Emma have their Grand Children Dulcie & Gertrude Lillywhite.

1901 Census George Cozens

Address: Thatch Cott Weston

George Pike Cozens Head M 65 Marina Yacht Hants Weston
Emma Cozens Wife M 63 Hants Weston
Florinda Emma Cozens Daur 26 Hants Weston
Charles Cozens Son 24 Shipwright (Wood) Hants Weston
Richard Cozens Son 22 Shipwright (Wood) Hants Weston
Elsie Cozens Daur 20 Board School Teacher Hants Weston
Dulcie Sarah Lillywhite G Daur 9 Hants Woolston
Gertrude Emma Lillywhite G Daur 6 Hants Woolston

RG 13 / 1063 Page 3

These are the children of Sarah Cozens, However I haven't identified the father.

There are two possible marriages

Marriage Sarah Cozens - Lillywhite

Marriages Dec 1885 (>99%)
Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
Bendell Mary Ann S. Stoneham 2c 113
Cozens Sarah Ellen S. Stoneham 2c 113
LILLYWHITE John William S. Stoneham 2c 113
Rogers Henry Robert S Stoneham 2c 113

Marriages Jun 1890 (>99%)
Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
COOPER Sarah S. Stoneham 2c 121
COZENS Sarah S. Stoneham 2c 121
Green Charles S. Stoneham 2c 121
LILLYWHITE George Walter S. Stoneham 2c 121

Further research has Suggested that John and George Lillywhite are brothers

I have found both John and George in the 1901 census

1901 Census George W Lillywhite

George W Lillywhite Head M 35 Sailor (Merchant Service) Hants Portsmouth
Sarah Lillywhite Wife M 35 Hants Sholing

County Southampton
Civil Parish St Mary Extra
Ecc Parish Woolston St Mary
Rural Sanitary District Itchen
Parliamentary Borough Southampton
RG13 / 1062 Page

1901 Census John W Lillywhite

John W Lillywhite Head M 37 Seaman Merchant Service Hants Portsmouth
Sarah E Lillywhite Wife M 34 Hants Sholing
Annie Lillywhite Daur 15 General Servant Domestic Hants Sholing
George Lillywhite Son 14 Errand Boy for provision Merchant Essex Harwich
Mabel Lillywhite Daur 11 Hants Sholing
Hilda Lillywhite Daur 9 Hants Woolston
Alice Lillywhite Daur 6 Hants Sholing
Emmie Lillywhite Daur 4 Hants Sholing
John Lillywhite Son 2 Mth Hants Sholing

County: Southampton
Civil Parish: Sholing
Ecc Parish: Scholing St Mary
Urban: Itchen
Parliamentary: Southampton

The question is which Sarah Lillywhite is the my Sarah and did both of them Marry Sarah Cozens John Married Sarah Ellen Cozens and is the other Sarah Cozens also a relation?

Any enlightenment on this would be appreciated

Many Thanks


I just found your thread about Dulcie and Gertrude Lillywhite. (I know it was a while ago - sorry! )

Dulcie was my grandmother, she married Frederick Evans and they had three children. John (my dad) is still alive and now 84. He would be very interested in this thread.

I think the two Sarahs Cozens were actually cousins in reality!

I havent read through all your thread so am not sure if you are somehow distantly related?

Hi Edward,
I would suggest your Sarah is the one married in 1890.
Look at her children's ages in 1901. The eldest is 9yrs which fits in with the marriage.
Also the Sarah married in 1885 is Sarah Ellen. When you look at 1901 of John Lillywhite, his wife is Sarah E. Their chidren's ages, oldest daughter 15 yrs, also fit in with their marriage in 1885.
So my guess is that your missing father's name would be George Walter Lillywhite.
The only way to know for sure would be to order up the marriage cert and that would confirm the couples father's names.
Regards, Sarah.

I am new to FHUK and trying to catch up with this thread - George Lillywhite was my great grandfather, and married to Sarah Cozens. Dulcie was my grandmother.
Hi Caroline,

Welcome to the forum and this thread.

My Great Grandmother was Agnes Cozens sister to Sarah Cozens.

Agnes Married Thomas Parker.

And My Grandmother was Annie Parker. Married Sam Cumming.

You may also be interested in another thread


Which is about Elsie and Florinda Cottages in Weston.

Elsie and Florinda were also children of George Pike Cozens as were Agnes and Sarah

I have a copy of the settlement Of George Pike Cozens' Will.

My Mother has the sampler which Emma Trodd (George's) Wife made whilst at school in Weston

Hope to hear from you again soon. :biggrin: :)

Hello Caroline :)

It's a great thread with lots of folk only too willing to help, as with yourself and all that information!

I'm on the Trodd side but throw Cozens in when I come across them!

Came across some today which might be of interest to all Cozen seekers.

They were hidden amongst listings for strange Trodds; Tredds, Tratts & Troits etc!

You might have them, if not I hope they are of interest. As follows:

1841 Census: Address: Weston
Mixed in with Trodds (odds of!), other fishermen, a publican and a gardener.
Where born: Civil Parish: St Mary Extra Hundred: Mainsbridge (Upper Half)
Registration district: South Stoneham Sub registration district: St Mary Extra
William Cozens 45 Fisherman
Sarah 40
Elizabeth 13
William 10
Charles 8
George 5
Emily 3

Still can't find Abraham Trodd!


Yes, I have those in my tree the George in that census is George Pike Cozens, see posting above for more information on George Pike Cozens.

Interesting how these things come together also what it is worth recording when you find it even if it has no meaning at the time.

There was a bit of information I saw a bit back which I recorded but I now can't find the source I got it from. Have to carry on looking for it I know it is around somewhere in the family archive!

Hi Ed -
So it seems that our great grandmothers were sisters! I have photographs of my great grandmother Sarah Cozens with George Lillywhite. Do you have photos of Agnes?

As for records - I have a few copies of various census records but not a lot.
Of the other siblings - I think Auntie Flo married Dan Chesterton Moody, their daughter Ella Married Bertie Powell. Elsie married William Haddow.

I believe also that Frank Cozens had 3 daughters and a son that died young, and William Cozens similarly had 3 daughters and a son.

We also have some information about the Florinda, the boat that George Pike Cozens skippered and Auntie Flo was named after. She was a yawl built in 1873 in Portsmouth, was altered in 1911 from a Yawl to a Ketch and became a pretty fast racing yacht. Last records were in 1950. My dad has a painting of her.

Hi Caroline,

I would Love to see a Picture of the Yacht My Parents have some Cutlery with Florinda engraved on it which is said to have come from the Yacht.

Flo Married Dan Christian Moody According to the BMD Index.

Marriages Sep 1901 (>99%)
Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
Cole George Robert S. Stoneham 2c 167
COZENS Emma Florinda S. Stoneham 2c 167
Moody Dan Christian S. Stoneham 2c 167
TRODD Henrietta S. Stoneham 2c 167

Have attached the part of the document showing the dispersement of George Pike Cozens estate.




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I'm looking into the Trodd Family. I married into them. My husband's G G G grandfather was Emma Trodd's Uncle (one of Thomas Trodds Brothers). His name was Charle Trodd. He was born in 1808 and he married a Charlotte Trodd, who was born in 1811.

I'm afraid i'm a bit of a novice when it comes to researching. I also have three children under 7, so i haven't much time to look into stuff. I have got details Charles' children and their decendants if anyone is interested

I have got back as far as John Trodd but like so many of you have hit a brick wall.

Hi Clare,

Welcome to the forum and this thread we all have our Penny worth to add to this family history. By working together we are able to put together much more of the family story.

It will take a long time to work through all of the information in this thread if you want more information just ask and we will try to sort it out for you.

I have the Charlotte who married Charles Trodd as Charlotte Moody.

I have Charlotte and Charles family as shown in the 1861 census.

Of there children I have information on Charles, George, Martha, James

Emma Trodd is my GG Grandmother.

Many Thanks

Hi Ed

The children I have for Charles & Charlotte are:-

Charles Trodd born 1834
George Trodd born 1836
Henry Trodd born 1841
John Trodd born 1847
Martha Trodd born 1850
James Trodd born 1852
Eliza Trodd born 1852

of these John Trodd ( H&S Shipping labourer) married sarah ? born 1851 from Hinton Alresford, Hampshire.

They had

William Trodd born 1875
Mabel Trodd born 1876
Henry Trodd born 1878
Ada Trodd born 1879
Kate Trodd born 1881
Ellen Trodd born 1885
James Trodd born 1890.

All lived at 4 Posts 9 nelson place, Millersbrook, Southampton

Henry Trodd married Mary Hopkins (known as Polly). They had

William Henry John Trodd born 1904,
George Trodd, Walter Trodd, Ronald Trodd and Grace Trodd. Not sure about birth dates for these.

William Trodd had three children. One of those was my father in law, who then had three children and adopted one.

I saw the post about William and Jane. I search on the LDS site. It said that they came from Hursley, Whincester. Has anyone been able to confirm that they were the elusive John Trodds parents.


Hello Clare, Ed and all on this thread :)

A little extra information which you might not have.

Charles & Charlotte also had: Thomas born 1832, Emily born 1838 & William born 1843. This from a descendant contact on Genes R.

John born 1847 was born in Sholing. His spouse was Sarah Norgate.

Of John & Sarah's chldrn:

William born 1875 in Woolston. 1901 living in Shirley, Southampton & a General Labourer.

Mabel born 1876 in Woolston. 1891 living in Millbrook. 1901 living in Shirley, Southampton. Mabel was a Dressmaker.

GR contact has Ada & Kate both born 1879. My own info prior to this had Ada 1879 & Kate either 1879 or 1881.

1881 & 1891 census checks I think!


Was looking at Frank Trodd's family last night. Born 1843. He married a Maria ? born 1841. Does anyone know what happened to him and his family. On LDS it says he had 6 children. All the children's year of death is stated as 1881. When I searched for Frank and Maria's year of death it also said 1881. Does anyone know if this is correct and if so wht the whole family died this year?


Hi Clare,

The whole entry for the 1881 census for this family is:

1881 Census Frank Trodd
Address: Newtown, Holly Trinity

Name*Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
Frank TRODD**Head**M**Male**37**St Mary Extra, Hampshire, England**Foreman Slater*
Maria TRODD**Wife**M**Female**39**Alton, Hampshire, England**
Jane TRODD**Daur**Female**15**St Mary Extra, Hampshire, England**N S School Pupil Teacher*
David TRODD**Son**Male**13**St Mary Extra, Hampshire, England**Gardeners Boy*
Eliza TRODD**Daur**Female**11**St Mary Extra, Hampshire, England**Scholar*
Edwin TRODD**Son****Male**9**St Mary Extra, Hampshire, England**Scholar*
Kate TRODD**Daur**Female**7**St Mary Extra, Hampshire, England**Scholar*
Minnie TRODD**Daur**Female**5**St Mary Extra, Hampshire, England**Scholar*

Source Information:
Census Place St Mary Extra, Hampshire, England
Family History Library Film**1341298
Public Records Office Reference**RG11
Piece / Folio**1216 / 55
Page Number**24

Holy Trinity is Weston Church


Hi Clare, we have been in contact before on the Genes Reunited site. I hope the following helps. Clifton Cottage stil exists, it is one of a pair of semi-detached properties. In fact my son lives nextdoor but one to it in Newtown Road.
All the best Maggie

1891 census - household transcription
Person: TRODD, Frank
Address: 1, Clifton Cottage, New Town, St Mary Extra, Newtown

TRODD, Frank Head Married M 47 1844 Slaters Foreman Hampshire
St Mary Extra
TRODD, Maria Wife Married F 49 1842 Lasham Hampshire
TRODD, Eliza Daughter Single F 21 1870 Dressmaker Hampshire St Mary Extra
TRODD, Edwin Son Single M 19 1872 Pattern Maker Hampshire St Mary Extra
TRODD, Kate Daughter Single F 17 1874 School Teacher Hampshire
St Mary Extra
TRODD, Minnie Daughter Single F 15 1876 Mothers Help Hampshire
St Mary Extra
TRODD, Jessie Daughter F 8 1883 Scholar Hampshire St Mary Extra
TRODD, Tom Son M 4 1887

I think it is really interesting to be able to link to a census entry to a real house!

See my thread on Elsie and Florinda Cottages in Weston which belonged to George Pike Cozens Husband of Emma Trodd.

Hi Maggie,

I remember you from Genes reunited. I haven't done much researching for a while. I've been a bit busy with a new baby. She was born in November 08 so I spend most of my time changing nappies and feeding now!!

Thanks for the info. Do you have anymore info on John and Martha. John just seems to be a brickwall.