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Emma Trodd, Weston, St Mary's Extra

Thanks for the information.
I made a spelling error with Cozens and added a "u" Sorry!
I found out about Sarah Freemantle from Maggie, so I guess she has a copy of, or has seen the marriage cert which will describe sarah as a widow.
She may know about her first marriage but it is pre 1837. So no records on-line.

I bet on the 1851 and 1861 census you mention, it is the same person. They weren't terribly accurate you know.

Now for Thomas's siblings.
Benjamin b.1796
Mary (Maria) b.1798
Betsy b.1799
John b.1804
Sarah b.1805
Charles b.1807
Joseph b.1809
Harriet b.1811
Rachel b.1814
Henry b.1816
William b.1816 (twins? don't know)

Please could you let me know your line of decent. Maggie has been asking also.
I have researched a little and know that Emma and George Cozens had eight children. Is this right?

Agnes b.1864
Sarah b.1866
Frank b.1870
William b.1873
Emma b.1875
Charles b.1876
Richard Ernest b. 1878
Elsie b.1880

Which one of the above was your Great Grandparent, who did they marry, who were their children, (your grandparents) and then your parents?

That should be enough to be getting on with.
Thanks, Edward.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Hi Sarah,

Children Of George Pike Cozens and Emma Trodd

Agnes COZENS ( 19/12/1863 - 1/1/1952 )
Sarah COZENS ( 1866- )
Frank COZENS ( 1870- )
William COZENS ( 1873?- )
Emma Florinda COZENS ( 1875?- )
Charles COZENS ( 1876- )
Richard Ernest COZENS ( 1878- )
Elsie COZENS ( 1880-aft1930 )

George Pike Cozens was a Master Mariner I am told that "Florinda" was the name of his boat.

Thomas Parker( 12/8/1860 - 27/11/1948 ) and Agnes Cozens ( 19/12/1863 - 1/1/1952 )

Edward George PARKER ( 1887-? )
Archibald Thomas PARKER ( 1888-1942? )
Margaret Emma PARKER ( 1891-1982 )
Annie Elizabeth PARKER ( 1894-1984 )
Agnes Helen PARKER ( 1899-1986 )

Thomas Parker and Agnes Cozens are cousins

Thomas Parker is son of Thomas Parker( 1826 - 12/6/1885 ) and Elizabeth Cozens (1830 - 23/4/1910), Elizabeth is sister to George Pike Cozens

Annie Elizabeth Parker is my Grandmother

Annie Parker married Samuel Cumming ( 4 Oct 1885 - 30 Mar 1961 )

My Mother was their only child. (still living)

Neither Margaret (Maggie) or Agnes (Aggie) had any children.

Edward Parker had four children

Archibald Thomas Parker had five children

That fills in most of my ancestry of my mother's family.

I hope that is clear.

I know its the same person in the two census but that doesn't help with Sarah's place of birth!:(

All the best:)

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Thank you for all that information.
I think I have been able to find Samuel Cumming and Annie Parker's marriage in JAS 1923 Southampton, and your mum's birth **possible living, name removed** in JAS 1925 Southampton. Can you confirm this as correct?
Could you please tell me, to whom and when your mum married. Thanks.

It is very interesting about George Cozens, the Master Mariner. Do you know any more about his life, boat or where he worked?

I believe cousins who married each other were quite common. I have a couple in my family tree. If you are interested in mine and Maggie's decent from John and Martha trodd, I would be delighted to explain.

Sorry, I can't help you with Sarah's place of birth. I will try Maggie again.

Speak soon, best wishes, Sarah.
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Hi Sarah,

I would Love to have the information about your decent from John and Martha always good to find some else interested in the same tree as you are and find out your relationship to them even if distant as in our case. The information that gets passed down in families varies so the stories know ablut the family will vary also.

I look forward to hearing about your Trodd Ancestors.

Talk again soon.


I am looking for information on the Trodd family.

This is I think the entry for Emma's Marriage

Marriages Mar 1863

Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
COZENS George Pike S. Stoneham 2c 87
TRODD Emma S. Stoneham 2c 87

This is the family in the 1881 Census

Census 1881
Civil parish: St Mary Extra, Hampshire, England

Address Elsie Cottage
Household Members: Relation Age Where Born Occupation
George P. COZENS Head 45 Weston, Hampshire Master Mariner
Emma COZENS Wife 42 Newtown, Hampshire
Agnes COZENS Daughter 17 Millers Pond, Hampshire Assists At Home
Sarah COZENS Daughter 15 Millers Pond, Hampshire School Pupil Teacher
Frank COZENS Son 11 Weston, Hampshire Scholar
William COZENS son 8 Weston, Hampshire Scholar
Emma F. COZENS Daughter 6 Weston, Hampshire Scholar
Charles COZENS son 4 Weston, Hampshire Scholar
Richard E. COZENS son 2 Weston, Hampshire
Elsie COZENS Daughter 6m Weston, Hampshire

I have a possible birth record from the IGI it is a sumitted record so no indication of where it came from!

Birth: 17 MAR 1839 Weston, Saint Mary Extra, Hampshire, England


It would be good to have more information about this family particularly Confirmation of her parents but I expect that I will have have to get the marriage certificate for that.

Weston is now part of Southampton

Many Thanks


do you have a gevaux/robinson marrage link in your tree?
Genealogy courses


Can anyone suggest or recommend a Genealogy course that I could do which would enable me to become a recognised qualified Genealogist. (preferably a correspondance course)
Your suggestions are most welcome.
Hello! to all in this Emma Trodd thread!

I'm completely new to FHUK so dithered between using 'Post Reply' and 'Reply with Quote' so hope you'll forgive me if I've plumped for the wrong one!

As someone researching the TRODD Family I read this thread with great interest. Much of the information I have but a little is new to me. I also have snippets not mentioned that may be of interest to you:

John & Martha mrrd: 1792. Martha born: 1773.

John & Marthas' son Benjamin was mrrd to Sarah Targett (Targett may not be exact). Sarah born 1797 or 1801 and did die in 1859.

John & Marthas' dghtr MARIA was born in 1793 and died in 1798 aged 5yrs old.
Dghtr MARY was born 1797/98.

John & Marthas' son Charles (born 1807. Bptzd 21/06/1807) had a son James: born 1851 and who mrrd Emma Perrin. James was a Master Stevedore living in St Mary Extra for 1901 census. Information via a family member.

Charles (1807) son Charles (born 1834) was a Stevedore. Mrrd: Harriet A (surname unknown) born c1840.

Charles (1807) son George was a Working Foreman living in Sholing for 1901 census.

John & Marthas' son Thomas born: 1810! mrrd: 1833 to Sarah Freemantle.
Their children:

David born:1833

Ellen born: 1836

Emma born: 1839 (mrrd: George Cozens whose sister Elizabeth born: c1830 mrrd c1855 to Thomas Parker. Info from a Cozens researcher).

Jane born: 1842 and died July-Sept 1904 aged 62yrs and in Southwark. Death register via Genes Reunited.

Francis (Frank) born: 1843

Eliza born: 1845

Above information mostly from a gggrandson of Eliza but will need verifying.

I do have a little more information which I will post ASAP as, for tonight, it's somewhat late now!

Hope this is of interest,

Gemmas' pal :)
Hi Gemmas' pal,
Thanks for that information.
Trying to work out who you are descended from.
Some of your info conflicts with info from others, but you were able to give me some new dates.
There are four of us Trodd members now that I know of.
Going from John and Martha, myself and Maggie descend from Benjamin b 1797.
Eddie descends from Thomas b 1802.(a different date to you)
I guess you descend from Charles?
I also have Agnes Cozens b 1863 (daughter to Emma and George) married to Thomas Parker where as you have him married to George's sister.
Eddie should be able to put you right on this.
Do you think Agnes could have married her cousin cozen? Sorry, couldn't resist that.

I have only really stuck to my tree from Benjamin, but if I can help you with anything here I will.
Good to find another distant cousin.
Will speak soon, Sarah.
Hello sarah,
I'm related to Trodds thro marriage; specifically West Meon, Hants Trodds. Gathered much Trodd info during years of research; believe info sought (which I might have) should go to all interested Trodds. My goal: to link all Trodd ancestors. At a stop working 'out' from W. Meon; now working 'in'! Several contacts have given their own Trodd family data, some (wonderfully!) linking with W.Meon, some others have been directly related to descendants of John/Martha (gggrndchldrn of that circle). I wont say all info is correct as all needs to be verified to personal satisfaction; at least verification is a good way of finding extra data and hopefully, info received could bring another step forward. Re kind offer of help: I do have a 'problem' Trodd; more of which later! Will post rest of John/Martha info shortly. Hope the info has been helpful in spite of conflicts! Gemmas' pal.
Yes, thanks Gemmas' pal, the info is useful.
Look forward to more John/ Martha info.
Always interested to learn of more Trodd relatives.
Are you aware of the following son of Benjamin & Sarah?

Arthur: 1828 - 1885.

This from a gggrandson of Eliza (Eliza dghtr of Thomas). Given as family information it seemed reliable enough for my purposes but different family data does now seem to be conflicting. Arthur could have been anywhere for 1841 census and married by 1851. I'll try and find more on him.

Gemmas' pal
Yes, as I desend from Arthur. He is my Great Great Grandfather.
In 1841 Arthur can be found in South Stoneham aged 15 working for Charlie Taplin in Bitterne as an apprentice Blacksmith.
He married Mary Ann Veal on 14 Oct 1849. She died less than a year later probably in childbirth as she is buried with an infant, at St Mary's parish.
In 1851 Arthur is recorded as married although he is a widow. He is still in S Stoneham working as a Smith.
Exactly six years after his first marriage 14 Oct 1855 he marries Elizabeth Weeks. Their first child Arthur born 1 April 1857 is my Great Grandfather.
I have Arthur on every census if you need more info, and all of his children and their descendents.
Hope this helps.
Hi Gemmas' Pal, welcome

Both Sarah and Maggie are decended From Arthur so thay will be able to give you much more of that family. Arthur Trodd was a Blacksmith in Newtown I have records for him in the 1861, 1871 and 1881 Censuss.

Emma Trodd is my GGGrandmother I have a Photo of the Sampler which she stitched at the age of 9 years when attending Weston School Southampton the original is in the care of my mother. I also have a photo of a drawing of the thatched cottage in which she lived in Weston drawn by my Great Aunt.

Yes Agnes Cozens married her cousin Thomas Parker.

More Later

Hi Gemmas' Pal, welcome

Both Sarah and Maggie are decended From Arthur so thay will be able to give you much more of that family. Arthur Trodd was a Blacksmith in Newtown I have records for him in the 1861, 1871 and 1881 Censuss.

Emma Trodd is my GGGrandmother I have a Photo of the Sampler which she stitched at the age of 9 years when attending Weston School Southampton the original is in the care of my mother. I also have a photo of a drawing of the thatched cottage in which she lived in Weston drawn by my Great Aunt.

Yes Agnes Cozens married her cousin Thomas Parker.

More Later


I am new to the site so i hope this message will make sense! I am descended from John and Martha Trodd on the paternal side of my family tree but I also have Cozens ancestors on the maternal side of my tree.
My descent from John and Martha is through their son Charles and his son William Charles (my grandfather). I was very interested in the references to Thomas Trodd and Sarah Freemantle. I have some information I obtained from the Southampton Records Office. It was given by a great grandson of Sarah's - a Mr. Richard Haddow descended from Fanny Freemantle her daughter from her first marriage to a William Freemantle of Bitterne. He died in 1831. She then married Thomas Trodd. It would appear that Sarah Trodd became schoolmistress of a school at Weston which served as a day school and a Sunday school. I have a copy of the register of 1845 and quite a few Trodds, Cozens and Parkers are amongst the pupils. Emma Trodd was then aged 5 and there is a George Cozens in the class aged 8. I obtained this copy quite a long time ago and I'm afraid I don't have the Record Office Reference but I'm sure they could find it for you. It makes very interesting reading.
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Hello again!

So much information from so many Trodd researchers! In over 10yrs of my own research I've never known so many all at once!

Firstly this time, last bit of info as promised to sml.

Joseph Trodd: b: 1811. Parents: John & Martha. During 1901 census a widower and annuitant living in 25 Weston Road with son Richard and daughter Sarah Ann.

Richard (Parents: Joseph & Sarah) shown as a Rough Carpenter in 1901.

Sarah Ann b: 1857 in Newtown (Parents: Joseph & Sarah) shown as a Housekeeper Labourer at home in 1901.

Elizabeth b: July-Sept qtr 1840 in S Stoneham. (info attained thro G. Reunited).

The following information has been attained via several sources including direct descendants as shown.

Occupation: (Rural) Master Blacksmith
1st wife: Mary Ann Veal.
2nd wife: Elizabeth Weeks b: 1833
Last known address: Newtown, St Mary Extra.
Mary Ann died the day before her premature baby (also Mary Ann) died (info from Ivys’ grdghtr).
Chldrn with Elizabeth are Oliver plus three others, with Ellen (b: 16/06/1867) being the fifth child.
Ellen mrrd: William John White. (info from descendant relative).
1901 census: lvng in Farnham, Surrey. Ellen is the grnddghtr of Benjamin: son of John & Martha.
ELLEN TRODD b: 1867 Bptzd: 1867-06-16 in NEWTOWN HANTS
Parents: Arthur & Elizabeth (Weeks)
Mrrd: 29/05/1898 to WILLIAM JOHN WHITE b: 1869
Ellen Died: 1929 aged 63yrs. Ellen buried in St Mary Extra.
Last known address: 154 Manor Rd. Woolston.
William Arthur White b: 11/05/1899.
Florence White b: 28/11/1900.
Albert James White b: 12/11/1903
Gladys White: (birth date unknown).
Parents: ARTHUR & ELIZABETH (Weeks)
Mrrd: ELLEN KATE SOPER b: 1869
KATE TRODD b: 1899 in Southampton.
ETHEL TRODD b: 1900 in Southampton.
ARTHUR FREDERICK OLIVER b: 1903 in Southampton.
Mrrd: 1928 to unknown Pratt in Soton. 1928 Mrrg Register Oct-Dec attained thro Genes Reunited.
IVY TRODD b: 25/02/1906 in Southampton. Died: 1985.
Mrrd: 16/02/1935 to John Charles Crisp (05/04/1909-27/03/1944) in Prsh Chrch of St Denys.
John Crisp, called Jack, owned a Taxi Firm. In the RAF during WW2.
Became ill and died before his son David was born.
Information from Ivys’ grnddghtr.
HAROLD GEORGE TRODD b: 1908 in Southampton.

I hope at least some of that information is new to you! :)

The more I study these Trodds the more I feel I 'know' them even though I haven't yet been able to link them with West Meon. I now have over 2,000 Trodds wanting to be linked and very slowly (very slowly!) they are getting there! Due to the names running thro John & Marthas' descendants I'm fairly certain that they should be linking into W.Meon (Droxford Parish) in spite of John showing at one point 'not born in County'. County borders changed and human error was rife!

Will now study new information from Edward and Rooney (Hello Rooney :) ) and see if I've anything else to connect with all this.

I didn't think that I could get any more interested than I already was but I think you've all sent me into turbo-drive now!

Gemmas' pal