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Emma Trodd, Weston, St Mary's Extra

Hi Rooney,
How are you related to Ed?
Just so as I can get it straight in my head. Thanks.

Hi Gemmas' pal,
Thanks for all that info. Yes, some of it is new. I will need time to digest it, and get back to you.
Speak soon, Sarah.
Me again,
As I read about Ivy (Trodd) Crisp I knew the name rang a bell.
She was my Grandad's cousin. My mum remembers going to visit Ivy in her flat in Southampton with my Grandparents Ernest and Violet Trodd about the late 1950's.
My mum also says she remembers, vaguely that David Crisp was a producer of plays on the TV? Does this ring true?
Would it be possible to be put in touch with Ivy's Granddaughter?
Thanks again, GP.
I do have alot of info about the Trodd family (All Census and most BMD) starting from John and Martha.
Is there any specific area where you need to fill a gap? I may be able to help.
Hi Rooney,

I ave looked at freemantle part of the tree and in the 1871 Census she is living with Thomas and Sarah

Address: Barnfield

Thomas Trodd Head Mar 68 Coachman
Sarah Trodd Wife Mar 67 School Mistress (Private)
Fanny Daur Widow 38 Needlewoman

Civil Parish St Mary Extra
Village Weston

I can't read the family name but it might be Cameron.

Could you tell me more about Fanny and her family?

Many Thanks

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I have just looked up Charles Trodd's Marriage on FreeBMD and it gave me:

Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
Marriages Dec 1862 (>99%)
Cooper Harriett Ann Southampton 2c 37
Light Mary Ann Southampton 2c 37
Trodd Charles Southampton 2c 37
Windust Peter Southampton 2c 37

This would suggest that Harriett's Name was Cooper

I am still trying to sort out the new information added to the thread with what I already have in my tree.

I will keep on working through it!
Harriet's name was Cooper.
Charles Trodd 37 is recorded on the 1871 census as son-in-law to Thomas Cooper. Also with him is his wife Harriet (cooper) 30 and their three children, Harriet, Charles and Emma. They are living in St Mary Extra. Charles is a Dock Labourer.
Hello Sarah and all others on this thread.

Can't say about David Crisp producing plays etc but Kenith Trodd is famous for such.
Where did Ernest and Violet pop up from? They are new to me I think! Will see what I can do regarding Ivys' granddaughter. If I still have contact with her I'll suggest she becomes a member of this site as there is obviously a wealth of info of interest to her.
As with all of you, I'm going to check thro all this info and see what else, or who else, it leads to. Meanwhile, Abraham Trodd is my brick wall; will explain about him next time.

Gemmas' pal.
Hi GP,
Hope the following explains it more clearly.
Ernest and Violet Trodd were my maternal grandparents.
Ernest b 1896 was the youngest child born to Arthur Trodd b 1857.
Arthur Trodd married Anna Davis b1856 in 1883. They had 7 children.

William Arthur 1884-1884
Alfred 1885-1964
Harry 1885-1885
Agnes 1887-1891
Ethel 1889-19??
Alice 1891-1891
Ernest 1896-1982

The three who survived were:
Alfred, never married, worked with and later took over his father's buisiness as Blacksmith in Wrecclesham, Farnham.
Ethel, married William Pretty in 1921 and had two daughters.
My Grandfather Ernest married Violet May Watkins in 1924 and they had four daughters. The youngest being my mum.

Arthur Trodd b 1857 was the eldest son of Arthur Trodd b 1828 and Elizabeth Weeks b 1832, as you probably know. And I guess you know Arthur's six other siblings. So, the connection is that Arthur Trodd b 1828 was my Grandad's Grandad.

Hope you followed that. Can get very confusing when names are repeated. And they are, many times throughout my family tree.

Hope that was of some help, Sarah.
Hi GP,
Found Arthur Fredrick Oliver Trodd's marriage in Dec 1928 Southampton 2c 49 to Olive M Pratt. Hope that fills a gap for you.
I have a little problem that I have been looking at recently and wonder if any of you know the answer.

in the 1901 census George and Emma have their Grand Children Dulcie & Gertrude Lillywhite.

1901 Census George Cozens

Address: Thatch Cott Weston

George Pike Cozens Head M 65 Marina Yacht Hants Weston
Emma Cozens Wife M 63 Hants Weston
Florinda Emma Cozens Daur 26 Hants Weston
Charles Cozens Son 24 Shipwright (Wood) Hants Weston
Richard Cozens Son 22 Shipwright (Wood) Hants Weston
Elsie Cozens Daur 20 Board School Teacher Hants Weston
Dulcie Sarah Lillywhite G Daur 9 Hants Woolston
Gertrude Emma Lillywhite G Daur 6 Hants Woolston

RG 13 / 1063 Page 3

These are the children of Sarah Cozens, However I haven't identified the father.

There are two possible marriages

Marriage Sarah Cozens - Lillywhite

Marriages Dec 1885 (>99%)
Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
Bendell Mary Ann S. Stoneham 2c 113
Cozens Sarah Ellen S. Stoneham 2c 113
LILLYWHITE John William S. Stoneham 2c 113
Rogers Henry Robert S Stoneham 2c 113

Marriages Jun 1890 (>99%)
Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
COOPER Sarah S. Stoneham 2c 121
COZENS Sarah S. Stoneham 2c 121
Green Charles S. Stoneham 2c 121
LILLYWHITE George Walter S. Stoneham 2c 121

Further research has Suggested that John and George Lillywhite are brothers

I have found both John and George in the 1901 census

1901 Census George W Lillywhite

George W Lillywhite Head M 35 Sailor (Merchant Service) Hants Portsmouth
Sarah Lillywhite Wife M 35 Hants Sholing

County Southampton
Civil Parish St Mary Extra
Ecc Parish Woolston St Mary
Rural Sanitary District Itchen
Parliamentary Borough Southampton
RG13 / 1062 Page

1901 Census John W Lillywhite

John W Lillywhite Head M 37 Seaman Merchant Service Hants Portsmouth
Sarah E Lillywhite Wife M 34 Hants Sholing
Annie Lillywhite Daur 15 General Servant Domestic Hants Sholing
George Lillywhite Son 14 Errand Boy for provision Merchant Essex Harwich
Mabel Lillywhite Daur 11 Hants Sholing
Hilda Lillywhite Daur 9 Hants Woolston
Alice Lillywhite Daur 6 Hants Sholing
Emmie Lillywhite Daur 4 Hants Sholing
John Lillywhite Son 2 Mth Hants Sholing

County: Southampton
Civil Parish: Sholing
Ecc Parish: Scholing St Mary
Urban: Itchen
Parliamentary: Southampton

The question is which Sarah Lillywhite is the my Sarah and did both of them Marry Sarah Cozens John Married Sarah Ellen Cozens and is the other Sarah Cozens also a relation?

Any enlightenment on this would be appreciated

Many Thanks

Hi Edward,
I would suggest your Sarah is the one married in 1890.
Look at her children's ages in 1901. The eldest is 9yrs which fits in with the marriage.
Also the Sarah married in 1885 is Sarah Ellen. When you look at 1901 of John Lillywhite, his wife is Sarah E. Their chidren's ages, oldest daughter 15 yrs, also fit in with their marriage in 1885.
So my guess is that your missing father's name would be George Walter Lillywhite.
The only way to know for sure would be to order up the marriage cert and that would confirm the couples father's names.
Regards, Sarah.
Hi again Edward,
Arthur Fredrick Oliver Trodd b1903 was third child to Oliver Trodd b1872 and Ellen Kate (soper).
Oliver Trodd b 1872 was youngest son of Arthur Trodd b1828 and Elizabeth (Weeks)b 1832.
Arthur Trodd b 1828 was son of Benjamin Trodd b1796.
Benjamin Trodd b 1796 was son of John and Martha.
Start with John and Martha and work it backwards!
Sorry, no easier way to explain.
Hi I am also descended from John and Martha TRODD.

Why can't we find a marriage for them? Although John says that he was born out of county, Martha came from St Mary Extra but I haven't been able to find a marriage for them there or anywhere else in Hampshire for that matter.
Welcome Hammy.

Another Trodd relative! Soon we will be taking over the world.

Please can you tell me your line of descent.
I understand John and Martha were married in 1792.(according to Gemmas' pal) There will be no record on the net as it is too early. Maybe GP can tell you where she got the info.
SML (Sarah)
Hi I am also descended from John and Martha TRODD.

Why can't we find a marriage for them? Although John says that he was born out of county, Martha came from St Mary Extra but I haven't been able to find a marriage for them there or anywhere else in Hampshire for that matter.

Hi Hammy

welcome to the community always good to have new people to share their Knowledge with us.

I look forward to knowing more about your Trodd ancestors.

welcome again

Ed :)
In 1881 Thomas TRODD is living with my great grandparents, George and Eliza (nee TRODD) HAMERTON in Woolston.
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