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Emma Trodd, Weston, St Mary's Extra

Thanks Hammy

Many Thanks for that. I had wondered on several occasions what her original name was as Freemantle was her first married name. I had not worked out any way of finding this information.

Re: Trodds, Weston, St Mary's Extra

Hi All, I am also descended from Benjamin & Sarah Trodd (Arthur & Elizabeth Trodd - Ellen & William White - William White 1899-1948). Are you aware of Frederick Trodd, eldest son of Benjamin & Sarah, baptised 9/10/1825 at St Marys Extra? He was a mariner and married Martha Parker Dec 1856. Martha's father was a fisherman named Thomas Parker.

1861 census transcription details for: New Town, St Mary Extra
National Archive Reference:
RG number: RG09 Piece: 680 Folio: 64 Page: 54

Reg. District: South Stoneham Sub District: 1 St Mary Extra
Enum. District: 3 Ecclesiastical District:
Parish: St Mary Extra City/Municipal Borough:

Address: New Town, St Mary Extra
County: Hampshire

TRODD, Benjamin Head Widower M 64 Labourer Weston St Marys
TRODD, Martha Daughter Married F 35 House Keeper Itchen Ferry

I cannot find a death date for Frederick, but Martha married Ambrose Perrin on 14/06/1869.

Hope you find this of interest.
Regards Maggie

p.s I too would also love to find out where John & Martha were married!
Hopefully will get to the bottom on John and Martha's marriage.:confused:

There were lots of PARKERS about, both in Weston and Itchen Ferry Village. They were mostly fishermen and mariners.

Another of my ancestors, Peter HAMMERTON married a Charlotte PARKER on 20 November 1819 at Botley.

My mother told me recently that one of my grandmother's (Annie Parker) best friends was Winnie Parker they had lived next door to each other as children in Weston as far as we know Winnie was not related. :)

I bet they were related.

I've been having a look at the PARKERS, trying to sort them out but there are hundreds of them.:eek:
Re: The Parkers, St Mary's Extra

'The Sad Tale of Richard Parker'

In the church yard of Jesus Chapel, St Marys Extra, a tombstone tells of a tragedy which happened in 1884, when three men and a cabin boy called Richard Parker were taking the yacht "Mignonette" to a new owner in Australia. The yacht foundered in mountainous seas in the South Atlantic, and they took to a dinghy. The cabin boy, who had been told to bring food and water, threw the water keg overboard, thinking it would float and be retrieved, but it sank like a stone. The two tins he brought contained turnips, not meat. After 16 days adrift in the open boat, while crazed with hunger and thirst, two of the men decided to save their own lives by killing and cannibalising the 17 year old cabin boy, who was already near death from the effects of drinking sea water. This they did. On the 19th day, they were picked up by a passing ship and brought back to England. They were tried and condemned to death for murder, but owing to the terrible suffering they had under gone, they were reprieved and given a short term of imprisonment. The tombstone telling the tragic story was placed on the grave of the boy's mother.
Hi Rooney,

I ave looked at freemantle part of the tree and in the 1871 Census she is living with Thomas and Sarah

Address: Barnfield

Thomas Trodd Head Mar 68 Coachman
Sarah Trodd Wife Mar 67 School Mistress (Private)
Fanny Daur Widow 38 Needlewoman

Civil Parish St Mary Extra
Village Weston


I have found this information about Barnfield - from 'Peartree Church Walk' produced by the Diaper Heritage Association:

http://www.diaperheritage.com/events/Peartree Church Walk.pdf

"In the right hand corner of this wall is a memorial to Preston Hulton died 15 August 1825 . The Hultons lived at Barnfield. This house was on the western side of Weston Lane built around 1800 in Gothic style. Came into the possession of the Hultons around 1821. Early 20th century building divided into flats and in 1948 the rest of Barnfield was split up. In the time of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee (1897) Mrs Hulton invited to Barnfield all the women from Woolston. The band of TS Mercury played and each guest received a pretty book, Queen Victoria And Her People."
Hi everyone,
I wonder if anyone can help.

I'd like some information on a number of John and Martha's children.
I know nothing about Mary b 1797/8, Betsy b 1799, and Sarah b 1805.
Can anyone help with these three?

I think I have found Henry b 1816 in the 1841 census. (a Wheelwright, with wife Martha) Can anyone confirm or know where he is in 1851?
Is the David Trodd a couple of doors away, ( in 1841, a hairdresser married to Sarah) related to our Trodds?

I have found William b 1816 (Is he Henry's twin?) in 1841 and 51 with Martha. But does anyone know where he is in 1861?

Just one more query. Joseph Trodd b 1809 married Mary ? Mary dies in JFM 1851.
In the 1851 census Joseph is with his son Richard and daughter Elizabeth.
In the 1861 census Joseph is with his son Richard and daughter Sarah 15yrs.
Where is 5yr old Sarah in 1851?

Hope someone can help me!
Hi sml,

After looking for Sarah Trodd in 1851, she dosnt show up. Looking on the 1861 census Josephs maritial status looks like married. Looked further on the birth index for Sarah but none with born abt 1846. On the 1881 census there is a Joseph Trodd born abt 1814 born Weston in the civil parish of St. Mary Extra with wife Sarah. I now think that youngs Sarahs age was put down wrong. There is a marriage in 1872 June 1/4 district South Stoneham for a Joseph Trodd a Sarah Dugay listed. Looking on the birth index there are 3 Sarah Trodds, see below:-

Sarah Trodd 1852 June 1/4 district Winchester
Sarah Trodd 1864 June 1/4 district South Stoneham
Sarah Elizabeth Manthei Trodd 1863 December 1/4 district Alverstoke

What do you think?

Just realised Sarah is on the 1861 census to the last 2 are out.
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You may have to get Davids marriage certificate to see who his father is, but its strange that his and Henrys marriages are both December 1/4 year 1839 district Droxford, and also Thomas Glover who married Dec 1/4 1839 Droxford is he related to Martha?.
I have the following baptism dates for the children of John & Martha that you mentioned:

Mary 13 Aug 1797
Betsy 24 Feb 1799
Sarah 25 Dec 1805
Thanks Hammy for the Bap dates. Big help.

Thanks again Juliejtp for all your hard work. I'm looking into those marriages in 1839.
Unfortunately Sarah (Joseph's daughter) remains a mystery. If it is her b 1852she would only be 9yrs in 1861 census not 15yrs. So, not sure.

You are right about Joseph. He did remarry Sarah Dugay in 1872.(After his first wife Mary died.) He appears on 1881 census as 67yrs and married to Sarah. By 1891 he is a widow again.

We both cannot locate Joseph in 1871. However there is a James Trodd matching a similar description. Could this be him?

Why is it with Genealogy, you ask a question, find the answer, but it always prompts more questions?

Don't you just love it!
Thanks again guys for all your help.
David TRODD baptised 22 Sep 1833 at St Mary Extra is also a son of Thomas & Sarah.

Another little piece of info I found in my notes:

William FREEMANTLE & Sarah FOSBURY both stated they were 'of Bitterne' at their marriage.
Have found a possible marriage for young Sarah and also on the 1881 census would you like the info, also a possible for Sarah Dugay on the 1871 census.

See Joseph is under Tradd on Ancestry.
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