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Emma Trodd, Weston, St Mary's Extra


Sarah Ann Trodd and Jacob Barrett
Year 1872
District South Stoneham
December 1/4
Vol 2c
Page 95

1881 census

Civil parish South Stoneham
Reg district South Stoneham
Chapel Street

Jacob Barrett head age 30 occ gardener born Portsmouth
Sarah wife age 32 occ dressmaker born St Mary Weston
Frederick son age 7 born St Mary Weston
Charles son age 4 born St Mary Weston
Thomas son age 1 born Bitterne


Civil parish Romsey Extra
Reg district Romsey
Woodley Lodge

Sarah Dugay age 35 occ servant (cook) born Christchurch

The head of house is a William Stead solicitor and land owner
plus his sister and other servants
Cheers Julie,
Still not convinced this Sarah is the same as Joseph's daughter aged 15yrs in 1861.
Your info would make her born about 1849. Previously you suggested Sarah b 1852 Winchester. I had her born about 1844.
So I am very confused. May just have to concede defeat.
It can be confusing when ages dont match up I had it with my lot, theres been 5/6 years difference. Dont give up on her yet or perhaps put her to bed for a little while.
How about this entry?

1871 RG10 Piece 1195 folio 80 page 12
living at Weston
James TRODD age 56 widower under gardener born Newtown
son Richard age 34 Ag lab born Newtown
daughter Sarah age 24 unemployed at home born Newtown
Yes, thanks Hammy,
This is the person I think is Joseph.
And he is recorded on Ancestry (as Juliejtp rightly says) as surname Tradd not Trodd.
I'm sure this has to be our Joseph Trodd b 1809.
Thanks again both of you.

I have been looking at George Trodd b C1835 (Son of Charles Trodd b c1807 & Charlotte Born C1811) and found the following:

Married Matilda Legg b C1844

Marriages Jun 1862 (97%)
Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
Legg Matilda Southampton 2c 41
Trodd George Southampton 2c 41

1881 Census George Trodd

Address School Road Hound

George Trodd Head M 45 General Labourer
Matilda Trodd Wife M 37
Charles J Trodd Son S 17 Grocers Porter
Ellen M Trodd Daur S 15 Pupil Teacher
George H Trodd Son S 11 Scholar
Annie Trodd Daur 6 Scholar

Also found them in the 1871 Census living in Church Road Hound.

Hello all! 
So much data to check! Been trying to ‘wipe egg off my face’ re: marriage date for John & Martha. Must have got 1792 from somewhere; can’t track it down again – yet! First starting a spreadsheet I transcribed all basic information into it; names, dates etc. Sources were not transcribed; it was, at first, a close-family project until it became an obsession! In a mountain of dusty paperwork probably lives the answer. I also had birthdates: 1765/67 for John and 1773 for Martha.
Away from eggy-face mode! Much of the data proffered I already had but much is new to me, which certainly spurs you on! Having had a sort out I offer the following information (apologies for its not being in any specific order): 

For Ed: hunting John/Martha this popped up; might be of interest to you:

Transcribed from Warnford Mrrgs (1667-1754 + banns 1811-23) by & copyrighted to Linda & Tony Knight 2006.

William Lillywhite & Anne Pink January 6th 1733.

Transcribed from Warnford Bptzms (1541-1771. 1776-1812) by & copyrighted to Linda & Tony Knight 2006.

A dghtr of William & Anne (Pink) Lillywhite March 1734.
Sarah: dghtr of Wllm & Ann(e?) Lillywhite born Nov & bptzd 19th of same month 1738.
William: son of Wllm & Ann(e?) Lillywhite bptzd: Nov 18th 1741.
John: son of Wllm & Ann(e?) Lillywhite bptzd: June 8th 1746.
Earlier than your interest I know but it shows how consistent the names have been. I think there’s a Lillywhite Family Tree online; you may have found it already.

For sml:
The Henry Trodd you mention: born c1816 (1841 census rounded ages up or down so notoriously inaccurate! I have a birthdate of 1813) is actually a West Meon Henry. He was a wheelright; mrrd to Martha and spent his whole life in West Meon. Martha was his second wife. I have much information for West Meon folk and can enlarge on Henry if he’s your man. I don’t think he is as his parents are Emmanuel & Anne.

David the Hairdresser is also West Meon and brother of Henry, as are Charles, James and the elusive Abraham. I wish Henry was your man as that would be the link I’ve been seeking.

I strongly feel that John & Martha are linked to West Meon folk but don’t yet know how. I do have a West Meon John born 1766 in West Meon, mrrd to Anne unknown 5/2/1789 (you gave me this one Hammy!). No other information (unusually so for West Meon folk!). I wonder if this John parted from Anne, moved away from W.Meon and eventually started a new life with Martha – in which case he would certainly never mention W.Meon; though perhaps not actually entering into a bigamous mrrg. Conjecture is not the right road but if anyone can prove this to be I would love to know!

West Meon comes within Droxford Parish within Winchester. I guess mrggs in the same quarter for related pairs are not unusual for the time as travelling around Parishes was not so easy and the appropriate clergy often had set timetables for being in any one particular place during each quarter. Throughout my family research I’ve come across several instances of sibling bptsms/marriages occurring in the same quarter and on the same day. Hopefully, burials may have been the exception!

 Have just checked for Emanuel’s parents so all becomes curiouser and curiouser! West Meon John b: 1766 & Anne are Emanuel’s parents. (Yes, I had the duffer head on for a moment!). I’ve long known that Emanuel’s family are an odd bunch so nothing surprises me with them. More conjecture – Emanuel b: 1785 bptzd: 1787, has a sister Maria b: 1788 or 1791 (it changed with each census!). Were both illegitimate? No other siblings, perhaps because John left for pastures new. If this John is the John with Martha (married or not); Emanuel, Maria and Benjamin etc would be blood-related. My link! Can anyone weasel this information out? Let me know if you want further information as this may all be leading you down the wrong road!

Just to add a little bit; I have a Sarah Trodd, born in 1750, possibly in W.Meon and who died in 1795 and is buried in W.Meon. No other information as to parents, siblings or if a Trodd through marriage.

Look at the time! Will leave for now but will be back with more soon!

Gemmas' pal :D
Hi Gp,
Wow. You have been busy.
Thank you for trying to answer my queries.
I think I agree with you about Henry. I think the West Meon Trodds are taking me down the wrong road as you say.
You never know, one of us may find a link.
Keep up the good work.
Regards, Sarah.
Hello all!

Came across these bits of information during a Trodd search so thought they might interest some of you with reference to Cozens, Lillywhite & Barfoot:

Following are all within Hampshire Family History Parish Records website:

BAPTISMs: 1800 – 1824 Durley, Southampton, Hants, England.

20th April 1806: George – son of Elizabeth Barfoot. No spouse.
17th Aug 1800: Sarah – daughter of Sarah Barfoot. No spouse.

BAPTISMs: 1850 – 1874 Durley, Southampton, Hants, England.

28th Nov 1852 South Horndean: Henry Barfoot –son of George & Harriet.

Parish Registers & Other Records
Copyright © 2006 Linda & Tony Knight
All Rights Reserved

page 49 no 147 James GARDENER of this Parish bachelor & Martha CRISP of this Parish spinster were married in this church by banns with consent of the congregation 12 Nov 1831 X made their mark in the presence of Benjamin SMITH & Sarah COLLYER

Page 27 no 81 James COZENS bachelor of the Parish of Droxford & Maria KNIGHT spinster of the Parish of Droxford were married in this church by licence 11 March 1824 groom signed & X bride made her mark in the presence of James WESTBROOK & Wm KNIGHT

Hampshire Family History Parish Registers

08 Jun 1700 Thomas LILLYWHITE Wdr, 40y of Hawkley Elizabeth HEATH Widow, 40y of Froxfield Froxfield or Aldershot
09 Dec 1710 William PAR of Steep Joane LILLYWHITE of Priorsdean Priorsdean

Hope some of it helps at least one of you! :)

Gemmas' pal
Hi All,

During a recent visit to Southampton Archives I found the following info:

St Mary Southampton:

Joseph Trodd, Bachelor, Weston
Mary Goodeve (or could be Goodere) Spinster, Weston
Married by Banns 4 January 1835
Witnesses: Joseph Hiscock & Sarah Hiscock

St Mary Extra Parish Baptisms:

Trodd - Sarah Ann
Parents - Joseph & Mary Trodd
Newtown, Labourer.
26 June 1844

Bitterne Parish Marriages
Barret - Jacob
Full age, Bachelor, Gardiner, Bitterne.
Father: Esau Barrett, Builder.

Trodd - Sarah Ann
Full age. Spinster, Bitterne.
Father: Joseph Trodd, Bitterne, Labourer.
Married 25 December 1872 by Banns
Witnesses: William Herring & Martha Herring.

p.s. Martha Herring nee Trodd c1850 was Sarah's cousin - the daughter of Charles & Charlotte Trodd.

I also searched many of the local Parishes for the marriage of John & Martha Trodd but to no avail. Whilst looking through the records for St Marys Extra I noticed the following: 'No Marriages were solemized at Jesus Chapel from 1753until 1843. I pointed this out to one of the archivists and was told that during that time, there was some kind of revolt within the Churches and people tended to be married outside the church or in the town square, and there was a possibilty that John & Martha never married.

Regards Maggie
Thank you for all that info. You have been busy.
You have managed to confirm that Sarah (Ann) was Joseph and Mary's child and her bap date as well as finding her marriage. That's really great, thankyou.:D
The information you received about the revolt and the churches is very interesting. I tend to agree with your theory that John and Martha possibly never married.
Keep digging.
Best wishes, Sarah.
Hi, please can anyone shed any light on the John & Martha Trodd who had 2 daughters christened at Warblington:
1. Eliza - 10 Jan 1813
2. Harriet - 5 March 1815.

Also, are they the same John & Martha who were the parents of the following four children?
1. JOHN TRODD - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Christening: 17 OCT 1819 Saint Faith, Havant, Hampshire
2. WILLIAM TRODD - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Christening: 17 OCT 1819 Saint Faith, Havant, Hampshire
3. LUCY TRODD - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Christening: 16 MAY 1824 Saint Faith, Havant, Hampshire
4. HENRY TRODD - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Christening: 06 MAR 1824 Saint Faith, Havant, Hampshire

Hi Maggie,
It's good to hear from you. How are you?
I'm afraid I can't help you.
Don't know this John and Martha. Where is Warblington? Is it anywhere near St Mary extra?
I guess John and John could be cousins, but to find out you would have to go back further and discover a possible grandfather link.
Rather you than me. Sorry I can't help.
Regards Sarah.
Hi Sarah, I'm well thanks. How are you?
Warblington is to the east of Southampton, just past Portsmouth and south of Petersfield and West Meon. I was wondering if they could possibly be 'our John & Martha'?
Regards Maggie
Hi Maggie,
I'm great thanks. Looking forward to a break from the normal routine next week.
My gut feeling is their names are a coincidence, that they are not the same couple but they are probably related in some way.
More digging needed, Im afraid.

I'm still waiting on a birth cert for a Benjamin Trodd. (I was sent the wrong one) He was father to (Still alive) who works in TV. My Grandad always said they were related. So I am hoping the cert will give me his parents names and help me connect my Trodds to his.
I'll keep you posted with this.
Last edited by a moderator:
Hi Maggie and Sarah,

Glad to here that you are both well. I have just started a new job this Monday so i am not expecting to have as much time over the next few weeks to look into the family History. However, it is an exciting new challenge for me! :D

Not sure that there is much that I can add about the John and Martha debate except that they had A child named Harriet possibly born 1811 who is listed in the 1841 census as aged 30 so it wouldn't be likely to have had another in 1815.

I had also wondered about that John & Martha TRODD. I wondered if this was a second marriage for John.:confused:
The IGI has marriages for John TRODD to
Sarah PINK 22 May 1794 at Hursley
Martha CATCHELER 10 APR 1812 at Warblington.
The marriage to Sarah is about the right time frame for ours and the one to Martha gives the correct wife in the 1841 census however there were children born to the Warblington couple in Warblington and our Martha gives her place of birth as St Mary Extra so is unlikely to have married in Warblington.
I'm sure I've checked the parish records for St Mary Extra but couldn't find a baptism for a Martha around 1768.:confused:
Hi Sarah, Ed and Hammy. Thanks for your opinions, it really helps to have someone else's thought & ideas. I have looked at another contact's tree on Genes Reunited and found John & Martha Trodd (nee Catcheler) m. Warblington 10/04/1812. They are the parents of Eliza 1813, Harriet 1815, William, 1819 John 1819, Henry 1824 & Lucy 1824. So that answers that problem.

However, John's father, Thomas Trodd 17/10/1759, had twin brothers Richard & John born Alverstoke, Gosport 17/04/1763.
The plot thickens!

Good luck with your new job Ed.

Best Regards, Maggie