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Emma Trodd, Weston, St Mary's Extra

Hello All!

Hope all is well with you all.

Apologies for butting in after such an absence. I've been totally tied up with unravelling the history of a Black Sheep! Not only does he appear to have been a bigamist but also has at least 14 profiles! This due to his own part-change of name as well as errors by Enumerators and Transcribers. I'm now desperate for a rest from what has become a bit of a brickwall!

I hadn't forgotten or neglected John and Martha but hadn't found anything new. Having looked in on you all I couldn't resist joining in the search for John and Patty!

I'm hoping the following will be of some interest and help. Most of it is sourced from a Dagwell Family Tree found within popular browsers. The relevant URLS for the sources are shown throughout; I recommend you view them.

The Dagwell Tree seems fairly comprehensive; no sign of a Patty Dagwell or any Trodd. Could be the owners couldn't find the appropriate records. Martha Dagwell is rare in the Tree too. Take a look at what's here, see what you think. I shall check on a couple of thoughts which may lead to a dead-end! It will not be so long a gap before I get back to you!

See following:


The Parish of Leyland in the County of -- Lancashire --
Marriages at the Church of St Andrew in the Parish of Leyland
Marriages recorded in the Register for the years 1754-1766
Marriage: 18 Oct 1763 St Andrew, Leyland, Lancs.
Thomas Jolley (X) Wdwr of Leyland. Martha Dagwell (X). Spinster of Leyland.
Witness: Thomas Longton; James Crook. Banns Read: Sep 25/2nd: Oct 2/3rd: Sep 9 1763.
Mrrd by Banns by: Thomas Baldwin Vicar. Reg: Mrrgs 1754 - 1766, Page 74, Entry 294 Source: LDS Film 93951.

HTML created by GED2HTML v3.1a (8/20/97) on Sun Feb 22 00:08:52 1998.
Father: Thomas DAGWELL Mother: Mary GIBBSON
John DAGWELL, Stephen DAGWELL. Martha DAGWELL. Elizabeth DAGWELL

The Parish of Chorley in the County of -- Lancashire --
Mrrgs: Church of St Laurence in the Parish of Chorley.
Mrrgs recorded in the Register for years 1754 - 1783
Marriage: 5 Oct 1761 St. Laurence, Chorley, Lancashire.
Lawrence Sharrock - (X), Yeoman of Leyland Jennett Dagnal - (X), Single woman of Chorley
Witness: John Woods; Martha Dagnell. Married by Banns by: Thomas Ellsion

The Parish of Warrington in the County of -- Lancashire --
Burials at St Elphin in the Parish of Warrington.
Burials recorded in the Register for the years 1841-1847.
Burials for the Year 1847: Burial: 5 Jan 1847 St Elphin, Warrington, Lancashire.
Martha Dagnell - Age: 2. Abode: Latchford. Buried by: Horace Powys
Register: Burials 1841- 1847, Page 304, Entry 2432. Source: LDS Film 1562963

Parish Registers & Other Records. Copyright © 2006
Linda & Tony Knight All Rights Reserved
1767 Benjamin Dagwell s William & Elizabeth
1769 John Dagwell s James & Elizabeth
1771 Fanny Dagwell d William & Betty
1773 Joseph Dagwell s James & Elizabeth
1773 Martha Dagwell d William & Dagwell
1776 Thomas Dagwell s William & Betty
1778 Charles Dagwell s William & Betty
1786 Joseph Dagwell s William & Betty

HTML created by GED2HTML v3.1a (8/20/97) on Sun Feb 22 00:08:53 1998.
Martha DAGWELL. Fthr: James DAGWELL. Mthr: Ellenor STOCKWELL

HTML created by GED2HTML v3.1a (8/20/97) on Sun Feb 22 00:08:52 1998.
Martha DAGWELL. Father: Thomas DAGWELL Mother: Mary GIBBSON

The first few children were born whilst William & Elizabeth (Betty) were living at Itchen Ferry Village and the later ones at Weston.

There are several references on the www. to DAGWELLS in the Portsmouth area and even earlier ones to the Isle of Wight.

The Hampshire CALM database also has entries for DAGWELLS in similar areas.

http://calm.hants.gov.uk/DServe/Search all.htm

I can't see anything for our William though.:mad:
Hello all,

Have a look at the following, especially the witnesses! :)

SUSAN BARBARA TRODD born: 1768 in PETERSFIELD. Parents: Rev. Thomas & Susan Barbara unknown.
Born: 5th September 1768. Bptzd: 27th October 1768.
Married: 26/04/1792 to John Meare in Petersfield.
John Meare born: 1766 in Petersfield; a Clerk & Bchl.
Mrrg Licence granted 25th April 1792.
Witnesses: John Chitty & Mary Ann Trodd. Information from lesleeztreez.com

ELIZABETH TRODD born: 1748 in PETERSFIELD HANTS. Parents: John & Martha unknown.
Born: 1st March 1748. Bptzd 30th March 1749.
Married: 29/04/1766 to Rev. Timothy Lowton in Petersfield.
Timothy was Rev. Of Manchester. Mrrg Banns were read 6/13 & 20th January 1766.
Witnesses: Thomas Trodd, Bradly Bridger, John Eggar, Susan Shackleford & Martha Chitty. All information from lesleeztreez.com

From the wedding dates Martha Chitty could be mother/wife or sister of John Chitty. Perhaps a Martha Trodd who married John Chitty?

Hi All, thanks for that information GP, the plot thickens. I found the following information on:

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~buriton/Main Menu.html

It's well worth a visit!

Petersfield Marriages:

05 Feb 1740 John TRODD – Martha BONNY ( No other details). Could this be the parents of the above mentioned Elizabeth TRODD?

Petersfield Burials:

27 Sep 1743 Mary TRODD Inf
07 Sep 1772 Jane TRODD dau of Rev Thomas
21 Jul 1775 Thomas TRODD son of Rev. Thomas
27 Feb 1792 Thomas TRODD Revd. Curate of this Parish
23 Jul 1800 Susan Barbara TRODD widow of Revd. Thomas
23 Apr 1802 Elizabeth TRODD dau of Rev. Thomas

All the best MS
Keep up the good work you guys.:)

I am a bit busy with other side of tree at the moment, sorry I can't be more helpful.

But it is always good to get more info.

The National Archives DocumentsOnline has a will for a John CHITTY, yeoman of Petersfield dated 1806.

I wonder if it mentions any TRODDS.:confused:
From Hampshire Marriage Licences:

John CHITTY, glazier, widower aged 40 to Elizabeth MEERES spinster aged 24 both of Petersfield 14 August 1782 at Petersfield.
A good archaelogical dig!

So, John Chitty born c1742. With that date and looking at the marriage dates when he and Martha Chitty were witnesses, Martha could have been Johns first wife.

More digging needed; it's like being part of a Genealogical Timewatch Team. Who's going to knit those great all-colours stripey jumpers for us?!:biggrin:

I've been into Ancestry and had a look through Pallot's Marriage Index for England: 1780 - 1837 but could find nothing for a marriage between John Chitty & Elizabeth Meeres. I did find later (elsewhere) the same record you found Hammy.

There are several marriages in Pallots involving a John Chitty but very few for the Hampshire area. I could find none between John and Martha.

Not having seen your most recent entry on FHUK before I searched Pallots
I couldn't really determine at the time if there was a first marriage showing for John Chitty. I thought c1762 might be a sensible date to start with for that one but the only records around that date were for out of area.

This makes your find all the more appreciated Hammy!

Can we now find any information to confirm that the Martha Burial you found was the relevant Martha? In Pallots there were at least a couple of Martha's who could qualify. I'll take another look.

The Rev Thomas TRODD and Susan Barbara had the following children baptised in Petersfield:

TRODD, Susan Barbara - Born 5 Sep 1768, Baptised 27 Oct 1768

TRODD, Elizabeth - Born 11 February, Baptised 09 April 1770

TRODD, Mary Anne - Born 5 February, Baptised 09 April 1771

TRODD, Jane - Born 7 July, Baptised 10 Jul 1772

TRODD, Charles Edward - Born 16 Nov 1773, Baptised 24 May 1774

TRODD, Thomas - Born 13 April, Baptised 13 April 1775

TRODD, Martha - Born 3 June Baptised 23 October 1776

We need to find their marriage. It might give room for them to have had John in 1765/6.
Found this marriage licence bond -

Thomas TRODD of St Lawrence, Reading to Susan Barbara SHACKLEFORD of Petersfield 2 April 1768.

SO too late to be the parents of John TRODD.:mad:
Southampton Archives has some Quarter Sessions papers dated 1730 --
John TROD and others of Itchen Ferry had their fishing nets seized for having too small a mesh.

This shows that their were TRODDS in Itchen Ferry Village earlier than the marriage of John & Patty.

Perhaps the Petersfield link is a red herring. They seem wealthier than our TRODDS.:confused:
I love this story about the fishing nets as it shows that rules were strict on what could and couldn't be caught. Red Herrings slipping through though; guess they come in all sizes! :2fun:

I'm very interested in this Itchen Ferry connection because I have never come across it before. I shall certainly be checking it out and will post anything of interest I might find.

I've still got a fair bit of catching up to do with the wealth of information that you've all been posting on here. So much of it!

Here are a few TRODDS from the area:

2 February 1680 Marriage of Edward RAWLINS to JOAN TROD
19 August 1707 Marriage of William TROD to Elizabeth BUSHNELL both of South Stoneham
13 June 1680 Burial Richard son of John TRODDE (killed by the overturning of a cart)

Holy Rood, Southampton
1681 Richard TROD
1755 Sarah TROD wife of Richard

St Marys, Southampton
1732 Richard TROD son of Richard & Sarah

You can read about Itchen Ferry Village on the brilliant Diaper website
From the National Archives website:

In 1751 Richard TRODD and others were ordered to appear before the magistrates to answer accusations against them for intruding into Holy Rood parish.

In 1753 there are papers regarding Richard HUXLAND accused of assaulting Richard TRODD, mariner.