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Empty building at night.


Staff member
In my local town. Yarmouth House. I have mentioned this building. I took this pic in January.

The light fittings illuminate some of the insides through the windows. I wonder if someone stood inside the building as it looks in the pic at night at the window of say the 3rd floor in this empty building if anyone passing by or a car would see them and how long it would be before someone spotted them?

It is impossible to say as the answer depends on a number of variables.

Ambient light from passing vehicles, moonlight, clothing worn how near to the window the person in the building is/was.
Then it depends on the vision of the person spotting the occupant of the building, how long they had been in the dark whether they were looking for the unusual etc.

There is also the fact that eyes work in a different way to a camera in that they pick up movement which is processed by the brain and the viewer then concentrates on that movement.

It is possible a viewer was attracted by a shadow or shape in the window and while they watched it was illuminated by a passing vehicle.
The possibilities are virtually endless.
It could be the flash on the camera making the light fittings shine up a bit whereas in real life with the naked eye the light fittings may not show up as much.

If they stood right at the window at night in dark clothing then some passer by may notice a human shape in one of the windows and stand and watch. But as said many passers by may not look up at the building as they may just be concentrating on the view ahead as the road near the front of the building is at an angle and the building is set back from the road a bit. If they stood on the first floor, seen in the pic then someone walking by may glance at the building in general as they walk past and notice a funny shape at the window in the darkness. The building may slightly illuminate as a car passes by and the passer by sees the shape.

If they stood on the top floor which is 7 floors up they'd probably not get noticed at all even if they stood there for a few hours at night.
I walked past the building last night and it is not as illuminated as in a camera. I stood near the entrance in the small car park and a nearby streetlight slightly illuminates the interior and I may just be able to notice a human shape if I looked up at the second floor at night. The main road runs diagonally and the building is set back from the road a bit. If someone at night was walking across the car park and glanced up at the 2nd floor they may notice a human shape in the window as the interior is still very dark but you can make out the light fittings through the windows.



And another view.


The building interests me a lot for some reason