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English Death Certificates


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I have just received two English death certificates I ordered a few weeks ago.

I doubt I'll be ordering any more because they are next to useless for solving family tree issues. Both were deaths after 1900 of married females and they contain no information about maiden name or marriage or children.
Our aussie cert. are good and i think we get a bit spoilt with them.
I have ordered English certs. before and were of no use but then a couple of them did give addresses or father's name which helped to find some stuff.

But then again i have had aussies ones that have been useless. One aussie marriage cert. i did get was laughable. 1885 it was and had near nothing on it. No parents names, no place of birth, no age, no address of where married, besides it saying the "residence of Mr unreadable" Most well say besides their names and the name of the person who married them and date of marriage and town there wasnt much else on it.
Yes, the NSW ones are full of stuff. ;)

I could have asked what to expect on a 1901 English one but went ahead and ordered. I was really looking for the maiden name as proof I had the right one in my tree.

I can't blame Fred. :2fun:
It was a english death cert. that gave me the address of a polish airman and that address was the same address as my supposed grandfather lived. And with that info i did some digging around and discovered the polish airman is buried with my suposed grandfather's wife. Havent been able to find anything more out as yet but im suspect the airman might have been the wife's son from a previous relationship.
You get all that? :2fun::2fun::2fun: I did it short version, believe me you dont really want the long story:2fun::2fun:
I dig that. :2fun:

I have tracked the polish airmans militery records down and they will let me get them for £30 and it should have his next of kin on it, im expecting that to be supposed grandfather's name or supposed grandfather's wife's name. The only thing is they dont accept credit card or visa debit cards so have to send a international bank cheque and there $35 each:mad: So im still left wondering:biggrin: Will get it next year if i get over there:biggrin:

Sidetracked on your thread i think, sorry Dave:biggrin: