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English television programs or organisations that can help find a lost relative?

Hi, My name is Tammy and I am writing on behalf of my friend Alysia.

Alysia has been searching for her Grandfathers brother who was placed in an Orphanage at a young age. He was released by Alysia's Grandfather and the two parted ways in their 20s with the Grandfather moving to Australia.

They were both from Lancashire and that is the last place the two saw each other. The Orpahage was knocked down and we were in contact with a woman with records for Orpanages in Lancashire, but she could not find any records for the Brother. We have contacted local councils, Libraries and some family tracing services, such as the Salvation Army, however no one can help us either because we are not in England or because they do not deal with living people.

A man did give us an address for a man with the same name in Lancashire, however he did not reply to Alysia's letter so we assume it was not him. Due to the constant dissapointments we have encountered and the fact that nobody seems to be able to help us, Alysia has given up and believes that she will never find him. I have now taken over the search and am desperate to find him for both her and her Father and Grandfather.

Alysia is getting married in October, so unfortunately can not afford to travel to England at the moment. If anyone knows of any family tracing television programs in England or any Organisation or people that can help us, I would be extremely grateful if you could share it with me.

Any help of advice is greatly Appreciated.


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