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Hi all
Trying to find what happened to Ernest Peto Born 1899 Fulham London. Mother Amelia fuller, Father Arthur Peto, Brothers Arthur & Alfred, sisters amelia & Hilda. Ernest was a POW in Poland but no sign of him dying there or during war and no sign of him after war. If anyone can help i would be very grateful.
Added a photo of Ernest just in case it helps


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Welcome to the forum Lesleyanne.
When the UK peepers wake up I'm sure they will be able to help with regard to WW2 records.
What a great surname! Never heard it before.
If you don't have baptisms, let me know.
All the best
Thank for that hopefully somebody will know something at a loss as to what happened to him after the war. Thanks for the offer but have some photos of him and baptism records as they were in my nans things after she died.
Just stumped as to what happened to him after war, have found all the other brothers and sisters. He may have gone abroad to live, possibly canada.
Fingers crossed somebody out there will know.
That's lovely you have information left by your Nan.
I looked in findmypast immigration,no luck sorry, that's not to say he's not there but the dates were before WW2.
Ozn :)
Thanks Oznannie

The mystery still goes on, well at least it makes life interesting having these mysteries. You never know somebody out there might have an answer.

Hi Lesley,was fairly suprised how common a name Peto is though obviously not THAT common,most of the Peto sirname lived in Surrey...in fact there is an Ernest Peto living in Surrey today;)

As for your family its almost certain they emigrated if you dont find any trace....though not to find them on Shipping records if they did is a puzzle.

Another longshot maybe that before the first World War they left on account on being Jewish/German....especially before WW1 many families left on account of abuse and hostility..probably not the reason but a maybe.

Maybe a more thorough search of shipping records maybe in order:confused:

Good luck with your research...and welcome to the forum...Lee.
Thanks Leefer, yes have been through the surrey peto's but cannot find a connection to my peto's. I will just have to trawl through the shipping details and see what i find.

Somebody has put me on to an Ernest Peto who died in 1958 in Windsor, now I Know that his sister lived in Windsor for a lot of years so maybe that could be him. Will see if I can find a marriage for him in that area, although he may not have married.

Once i have sourced his whereabouts it is the final link on that family of brothers and sisters and i am determined to find something so will keep digging.

Its great get all this help from the members though and very much appreciated.

All the Best Lesley:)
Hi Lesley :)
Maybe something or nothing, perhaps keep to one side for your expanding family tree, maybe a cousin, the names jumped out at me.
Joining the Territorial Force at Burton on Trent 1913
268 Waterloo St
Ernest Arthur Peto, first with Staffs Rego, Yorks/Lancs & eventually with Royal Scots Fusiliers (204951)
No age given.