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Ethel Read or Reade

Verbal family history is that Ethel Reade was killed during WWII bombing raid, but I have been unable to find any record of that fact. The problem is I always thought she lived in Sunderland at that time, but I could be mistaken. Because of other documents I believe she was still alive in November 1942. Her maiden name was Gage and, if this is the Ethel Reade I am seeking, was born in Houghton-le-Spring, Durham in 1875.
As yet there is no index available for deaths in the 1940s, I have however gone through the lists of deaths looking for an Ethel Read or Reade from 1941 to 1946. I cannot see any in Sunderland and the only one that matched yours for age was in Henley District, March Quarter 1941, Volume 3a, page 3257, Ethel Read, age 65. Henley is in Surrey in Southern England, a long way from Sunderland.
I have not searched for other spellings eg Reed or Reid and it is quite possible to miss an entry, whilst running your eye down long lists.
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To Robesur:

Thanks for your reply. I know there are several spellings for 'Read', but in my family as far as I can determine it seems we either drop or add the last 'e'! So I think it unlikely that Ethel's death would be listed as Reid, Reed, or Rhead. Certainly the age would fit, 1941, age 65, would mean she was born about 1875. I might have to order the d/c to be certain. Thanks again.
To juliejtp:

Thanks for your reply. I tried going through that National Archives website but got totally confused! I admit I am somewhat of a newby to using computers. I did find a "casualties of world war 2' but could not get pass that line.
I think I have tracked Ethel except for where and when she died. Briefly, she was born Ethel Gage, in 1875 at Houghton-le-Spring, Durham. She was the 2nd. child of several children born to George and Mary Gage. George was a coal-miner, so not likely any inheritence from the parents. She married Edward Read, age 27, a porter (hotel/rail??) in 1895, again an unlikely source for an inheritence. I believe they moved to London. She, at least, did not leave England, but I assume the marriage failed. Two listings in the 1901 and 1911 census showing an Ethel Read, single, born in Durham, could be her. I have records that indicate she may have lived at 41 Hyde Park Square, London, in late 1911 and 1912, and at 41 Rosslyn Hill, Hampstead, (a rooming house) in late 1912 and 1913. Family rumour from deceased relatives (word of mouth) said she eventually moved to Sunderland and was killed in an air raid during WWII. I have tried to find a death certificate but without success. Comments, suggestions appreciated. Thank You.
In my previous post I quoted the death of a 65 year old Ethel Read in the Henley district, March 1941, volume 3a, page 3257. As you now have evidence that Ethel moved to London then it makes this death a possibility.
I did however give incorrect information by saying that this was in the county of Surrey. In fact to give it its full name the place is Henley on Thames which is in Oxfordshire, but only about 30 miles from central London. I do not know whether this area suffered from bombing in the early part of WW2.
For Robsur.
Thanks for your reply but unfortunately the "Henley" Ethel Read is not the one I am searching for, although the age would be about right. Rumour was the Ethel Read I am looking for moved to Sunderland area prior to WWII, which might make sense if she was originally from Houghton-le-Springs, Durham. Anyway, thanks again.