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Just a note of caution re the Eden/Monaro site - lots of the details are supplied and not verified by the site so some errors exist.
Thanks, Dave.

One of the main reasons for suggesting that site is that it has a copy of the death cert in the death info. One of the questions in an earlier post referred to the informant at the death of Charles.

Depends who uploads the details. Some are accurate and others very much off the mark. One example.

M i. John Kirkland was born in 1860 in Eden, NSW ** Ha, ha, ha

John b. 25 Oct 1842 c. 27 Nov 1842 Gorbals, Lanark, Scotland
Batch: C119358

Yep, a good example, Dave.. :D

Same for any site that uses member-submitted material, always double-check the source..

Fortunately, in this case a death cert is likely to be more accurate, unless changed for some reason.

Yes, not hard to find details as there are several obits.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Fri 6 May 1927 p.12
Mr. John Kirkland, who was well known in city commercial circles, died at his home at Burwood last night, in his 85th year. He was born in Scotland, and passed his early years in Glasgow, and to the last he retained a strong Scottish accent. Coming out to Melbourne as a young man, he entered into business as an iron merchant, and about 40 years ago came to Sydney. ...

An image of a NSW death certificate should be ok provided resolution enables it to be clearly read.

Marriages were recorded in the early days of the colony but not all records survived to the date the computerised index was created.
One from 1790.

4/1790 V17904 147A SMITH THOMAS - WILLIS SARAH -CB= St John Parramatta
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but I cannot get their marriage certificate or copy due to deteriation and age .

Did the year 1843 for the marriage come from the death cert?

I cant find a index for the marriage and Sarah was born in 1842 so it would appear they had a child before marriage, if they did marry. Im beginning to think they never married.
2 birth reg. indexes for Sarah with different reg. numbers and I can not narrow the date down. :confused: Has anyone obtained either or both of these?

FAIRMAN SARAH 996/1842 V1842996 141 - CHARLES -- ANN

FAIRMAN SARAH 1837/1842 V18421837 67 - CHARLES -- ANN
Volume 67 and Volume 141. Vol 67 is on film at the library but volumes past 123 are not on any film.

Vol 67 Reel 5024 1-end (2133) Bap 1850 Roman Catholic

Ok the birth was 1842 but the baptism was 1850.

Vol 63 1-end (2239) Bap 1846 Roman Catholic * that looks like a birth in 1845 and baptism in 1846
FAIRMAN SARAH 1837/1842 V18421837 67 CHARLES ANN

FAIRMAN SARAH 1637/1850 V18501637 67 CHARLES ANN

Can't be sure what is going on there as there are errors in the index - sometimes with the running number 1837 and 1637 and sometimes with the year.

There is no death in the index 1842 - 1850 and with the running numbers so similar I suspect one is an error and that only one of those will be found on film. But you can't be sure until the film is scanned for 1637 and for 1837.

That could be two daughters named Sarah with one who died young or one of the reg is just an error. It would mean checking the film which I can't do until say 31 Dec or 2nd week of Jan. I'm going away this Friday to visit my cousin at Dungowan.
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Sometime you get the mother's maiden name. You do not get place of birth. I have several baptisms in NSW where the child was born in England or on the vessel.

This is a CofE.

Baptisms solemnized in the Parish of St. Saviour in the County of Argyle in the Year 1844
No. 258 When Baptised: 27 Novr. When Born: 16 May 1842 Gervase - William & Margaret Storier Abode: Towrang ? Quality or Profession: Settler By whom the Ceremony was performed: William Sowerby
The early RC ones are on two sets of films.

This is a copy of what the Church sent to the Registrar General and does not include everything on the Church register. It is an image of the form sent to the Govt.

Roman Catholic Baptisms in the Parish of Goulburn in the County of Argyle 1854
Henry John - William Storrier Louisa Smith Abode: Mummel Quality or Profession: Farmer When Born: September 2nd 1854 When Baptised: October 3rd 1854 By whom the Ceremony was performed: Michael Kavanagh

This one is a film of the Church register so includes sponsors.

SS Peter & Paul Goulburn
FM4/3880 f158
1854 Page 151
No. 2188 When Baptised: 1854 Octr. 3rd When Born: Septr. 2nd 1854 Henry John - William Storier & Louisa Smith Abode: Mummell Quality or Profession: - Sponsors: John Storier & Ellen Hollis By whom the Ceremony was performed: M. Kavanagh
Shipwrecked 1830 I have no proof he was on that ship. Not saying he wasn't just I cant find anything to confirm it.
Then nothing on him until first child 1842
Marriage [supposedly] 1843

Is it me or something not adding up? Long time for him to be here before "marrying"
Shipwrecked 1830 I have no proof he was on that ship. Not saying he wasn't just I cant find anything to confirm it.
Then nothing on him until first child 1842
Marriage [supposedly] 1843

Is it me or something not adding up? Long time for him to be here before "marrying"
Would tend to agree, Gibbo.. Something looks wrong :rolleyes:

Several possibilities. When did he arrive in NSW? If he didn't marry and there was never any record of the marriage to get lost there could be births of children before 1842 not registered and not in the NSW index.

Ok post #1 ... Barque Tranmere to Port Jackson ... or that's not right.

A check of those birth records may help but we are a day late. I was in the library this morning but won't be free until 31st at earliest.
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There is also this, can we discount it?

New South Wales and Tasmania, Australia Convict Musters, 1806-1849:
Charles Fairman
Arrival Date: 1820
Vessel: Neptune
Fleet: Second
Province: New South Wales
Title: General muster A - L
Year(s): 1825
Estimated birth year: abt 1810

There is an error of some sort there Geoff.

The Second Fleet consisted of six ships which were sent to the newly established colony of NSW in 1789–90.