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Family dysfunction and future genealogists


Valued Member
It's been said before I know, but thought this vision of things to come for future genealogists was worth sharing.

I had an email from a young person through GR on the weekend. They gave me access to their tree which had 8 people in total on it. This is someone who came from a broken home and from a family that had a long history of dysfunction (normal for these days, but scandalous in those times).

They had clearly asked a few questions from someone with a faulty memory which resulted in their Gt Grandfather shown as the husband of his daughter >:D .

This is the tangle that will be left to sort out before future genealogists can make sense of their family tree. Here is a young person trying to find out who they are and I have so much information which could cause either much happiness or many problems in this family and yet I think they are entitled to know eg. this person has an Aunt about 2 years older than them from a different relationship.

Any thoughts/ideas on how to handle this will be gratefully received.