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Family History of Jesse Anthony, Irene E and Miriam Gaskin of Oxford pre 1964



I am looking for information about my birth mothers family. They immigrated from England to Australia 1964. I met my birth mother in the mid 90's but due to family situation I was unable to learn much about her family. She had no near relatives in Australia. Her mum had already passed when I met her and her father already had dementia and passed away a couple of years after I met Miriam. My birth mum developed early onset Alzheimer's and passed away last year. I would love to be able to find out more of that part of my history. I have limited details at this stage as I am just starting out.

Mother: Miriam Gaskin born December 1952 in Oxford.
Grandmother: Irene E Parchment born mid 1912 in Hackney, her mother's maiden name was Davies.
Grandfather: Jesse Anthony born early 1914 in Aylsham, his mother's maiden name was Winterbone

I can not find any record of Irene and Jesse's marriage but Irene did use the name of Gaskin so I assume that they were married.

The left England on Sitmar TSS Fairstar from Southampton and arrived in Brisbane 24 October 1964

Sorry that is about all I have. If anyone has any information or just general advice it is all very appreciated.

I have been unable to order their Birth Certificates [thought that would be a good place to start]. From some reason the confirmation email from HM Passport Office will not come through my to may email so I can't register to order.

Thanking you in advance
A Arthur Walter Parchment married Lily Louisa Davis. Jul-Sep 1901. Bethnal Green.
In 1911 they were living in Hackney, together with daughter Lily Doris (8). Arthur was "telegraphist,railway".

Could be yours, but you will need Irene's birth certificate for confirmation.

The names Walter Robert Gaskin and Esther Ann Winterbone appear on the same page of the Aylsham marriage register, Jan-Mar 1909, but I have not found them in 1911 to confirm they married each other, although it seems likely.
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The "Norfolk Transcription Archive" looks like a useful source if you want to explore your Norfolk roots more fully, but you will need to get hold of your parents/ grandparents' birth/marriage certificates to make sure you are setting out on the right track. And remember that over time the spelling of names can become distorted. Something like Gaskin could have half a dozen variations or more.
I have now found Walter and Esther in 1911.
Walter R Gaskin. 22, farm labourer. Born Gt Witchingham
Esther A Gaskin, 29. Born Hindolveston
Beatrice E , 1, and Lloyd W, age 0, both born Whitwell
Louis F J Winterbone, 12, Standley G L Winterbone, 9. Stepsons
Living Whitwell (Aylsham Reg. District)
I have now found Walter and Esther in 1911.
Walter R Gaskin. 22, farm labourer. Born Gt Witchingham
Esther A Gaskin, 29. Born Hindolveston
Beatrice E , 1, and Lloyd W, age 0, both born Whitwell
Louis F J Winterbone, 12, Standley G L Winterbone, 9. Stepsons
Living Whitwell (Aylsham Reg. District)

Thank you Brentor Boy, really appreciate you help. Having trouble with getting registered to apply for Birth Certs online, will try again but may have to go snail mail.
A Arthur Walter Parchment married Lily Louisa Davis. Jul-Sep 1901. Bethnal Green.
In 1911 they were living in Hackney, together with daughter Lily Doris (8). Arthur was "telegraphist,railway".

Could be yours, but you will need Irene's birth certificate for confirmation.

The names Walter Robert Gaskin and Esther Ann Winterbone appear on the same page of the Aylsham marriage register, Jan-Mar 1909, but I have not found them in 1911 to confirm they married each other, although it seems likely.

Walter Robert Gaskin m Esther Ann Winterbone 1909 Aylsham. 4B 137 111
Walter Robert Gaskin on 1914 voters list Whitwell, Norfolk.
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Siblings of Jesse Anthony. 1914 AYLSHAM Volume 04B Page 139
Beatrice Emma. 1909 AYLSHAM Volume 04B Page 82
Lloyd Walter. 1910 AYLSHAM Volume 04B Page 75
Simon Robert. 1911 AYLSHAM Volume 04B Page 152
Horace Simon. 1912 AYLSHAM Volume 04B Page 152
My Great-Great Grandfather is Lloyd Walter, brother of Jesse Anthony.
I have some information for you if you would like to get in touch.

Morning James

thank you for getting in touch. Would greatly appreciate any information you have. I have gotten a bit side tracked in following up [life gets in the way].
Thanks Mande

The exciting bit for you is that there's plenty of people to look for. The Gaskin clan were quite prolific as were the Winterbones.

Esther Winterbone had 11 children. (That we know of)

Trixie Victoria Maud Winterbone (1897)
Louis FJ Winterbone (1899)
Stanley GL Winterbone (1902)
Ralph Lambert Winterbone (1904)
Then (With Walter Gaskin)
Beatrice (1909)
Lloyd (1910) *My Great Grandfather
Simon (1911)
Horace Simon (1912)
Jesse (1914)
La Bassee (1915)
Celia (1916)

I suspect if it hadn't been for WW1, there may have been more children but more about that later.

Trixie Victoria Maud Winterbone. Born Hindolveston 1897.
She married her first cousin, Percy.
A sailor.
There were two offspring, one of the names has totally escaped me but they had a son, Brian. The interbreeding couldn't have had that much of an effect as he became the headmaster of a school.

Louis Frederick Jones Winterbone. Born Foulsham 1899 in Foulsham.
Served with 8th Battalion, the Lincolnshire Regt during WW1 and was wounded.
I THINK he married a woman by the name of Littleton in Sudbury, Suffolk and dies in 1983 in the Bury St Edmunds Area

Still have much to research to do on him so take what I'm saying with a pinch of salt for the time being.

Stanley George Lambert Winterbone
Born 1902 Themelthorpe.
Dies 1980 in Kettering.
He has children still alive in Northamptonshire.

Ralph Lambert Winterbone
Born 1903 or 1904 in Themelthorpe, Norfolk.
(His birthday on his baptism is listed as 20/03/1904)
I know he joined the Royal Artillery in 1921.
Interestingly, for you, (and this is why his year of birth is in doubt) I've found another record for a Ralph Lambert Winterbone born 03/03/1904 listed as a passenger on "Himalaya" that left London, bound for Sydney in 1957.
His occupation is listed as "Forestry" and he left with his wife, Rose and his son Frank (b. 18/05/1940)
The list states his "Country of intended future permanant residence" as New Zealand

Beatrice Emma Gaskin
Born 1909 in Whitwell, Norfolk
Dies 1985 Braintree, Essex.
She was known as 'Beaty'
She never married, had no children and spent most of her life in service to the Jocelyne household in Braintree, Essex.
She had a really awful stroke which left her in a vegetative state for years.
Apparently, despite her total lack of conscienceness, when she was told of her brother Lloyd's death she was seen to shed a tear.

Lloyd Walter Gaskin. Born 1910 in Whitwell, Norfolk.
Died 1985 in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire.
Married Elsie Bayford in 1936.
They had two sons.
Esmond Lloyd (My grandfather) Born 1937 in Bishops Stortford.
Neville Sidney. Born 1940 in Bishops Stortford.

Esmond married Phyllis Archer in 1963.
They had two daughters.
Esmond died in 2003 at his home in Kenny Hill, Suffolk.

Neville Sidney married June Flower in 1962.
They were both hairdressers and settled outside Bedford and adopted 1 daughter.
Neville died in 1996 in Northampton district June died in 2017.

Simon Gaskin
B. 1911 in Alysham district
Died 1912.

Horace Simon Gaskin
Born 1912 in Alysham district
Died 1944 in Black Notley, Essex.
I've yet to discover why he died so young.

Jesse Gaskin
Born 1914 in Alysham district.
Now I know he married Irene and know he left for Australia and died in Toowoomba.
Other than that, he's a complete mystery.
Nobody recalls the family talking about him, other than his brother, Lloyd, who said that he went out to Australia and was never heard of again.
He doesn't appear anywhere in the 1939 census.
There are a three likely explanations for this.
1. He was in the armed forces and excluded from the census. I haven't found a corresponding record.
2. He was a civilian employed in a protected war industry.
3. He neglected to take part in the census.
Something had to take him from Norfolk to Nottingham and then to Oxford where your Mother was born.

I'll order his marriage certificate, hopefully that will shed some light.
Unless, of course, you know anything?

La Bassee May Gaskin.
Born 1915 in Walsingham District, Norfolk.
Died 1976 in Epping Forest, Essex.
She married Sydney Prentice.
There were children but I'll have to find my notes and get back to you.

**La Bassee is not a typo. It's highly likely that she was named after that Battle of La Bassée that took place October 1914.
I've yet to find out whether there's any connection between the battle and the Gaskin/Winterbone family.

Celia Gaskin born 1916.
I can't seem to find my notes on her so I'll get back to you.

As far as I'm aware, thats all of your Great-uncles and aunts.

A couple of things worth noting.

1. All of the male Gaskins and the male Winterbones were employed in agriculture.
Usually labouring, Lloyd was a cowman, Horace worked with Poultry a couple worked with horses but usually they stated their occupation as "farm labourer"
They did not lead settled lives, they lived in tied cottages and had to move from one farm to another unless they were lucky to be kept on.

Therefore, it's perfectly common for their children to be born in lots of different places.

If you want to do your own search, keep a particular eye out for the villages of Whitwell, Reepham, Hackford, Hindolveston, Great Witchingham, Foulsham, Bintree, Cawston, Helhoughton, West Raynham & Walsingham.

These villages might not be explicitly stated in a record but rather the district the village falls under.

Keep an eye out for the districts of East Dereham, Aylsham, Norwich Outer and Fakenham

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions, get back to me.
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I've attached a few photos for you.

The gentleman in the picture is Walter Robert Gaskin (Your great grandfather)
We believe the little boy lurking in the background is his grandson, Lloyd.

Walter was an interesting character.
He took on Esther and her three children before going to war. He served with the Queens Royal West Surrey Regt and was captured in late 1916. Its very likely he was held at Munster.
He was then realised in 1919 and immediately reenlisted and served in Italy and India before being sent home in 1921.

He went back to working on the farms and, apparently, kept getting into trouble for poaching.

The church is in Black Notley, Essex. Esther (Your great grandmother) is buried there. Along with her son, Horace.

The newspaper article pertains to Esthers funeral. You'll see your grandfather is notably absent.

**sorry, it won't let me upload Esthers grave


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Hi James

Thank you for all the information. It is a large family. I was led to believe that Jessie and Irene were possibly only child's. Definitely not the case

I have very little information.
The little I know is:
Jessie and Irene were living in Toowoomba in 1968 and 1969. Jessie and Irene separated [no idea of date] and Jessie moved to Brisbane. Jessie was mainly associated the Racing industry, I believe. Irene lived with her daughter and son in law Bevan John Singleton at the house she and Jessie had owned in West Street, Toowoomba. Miriam and Bevan purchased the house from them. I don't have a date of death. I understand the she died of a heart attack, from memory at age 65 so that would be 1977. At some point in time Jessie moved back to Toowoomba and lived with Miriam and Bevan. He spent his final years in a nursing home in Crows Nest [43km from Toowoomba]. He died approx mid 1990's. Miriam died Feb 2018. She also spent her final years in a nursing home in Crows Nest. Miriam had four children. Myself [adopted to the Janetzki Family], Mark born 22.06.1970, John, born 13 June 1971 [I think it is the 13th] and Nicci born 30 April 1972. Mark lives in Charleville, Queensland with his partner Sally and 2 children Tarlie and Kip, John lives near Toowoomba with his partner and her daughter and Nicci married Mark McDonald and they live in the Morayfield, Queensland area and have 2 sons.
Miriam showed me a video tape of a movie that Irene appeared in, I believe she did local amateur acting. I don't know it's name and can find no trace of it, from what Miriam said it was funded by the Government.
Miriam and Bevan married sometime after Mark was born
Bevan worked for Queensland Rail mainly either in Toowoomba area or Charleville areas. Mark went to live at Charleville when he left school.
Jessie and Miriam were both cremated and their ashes were not interned. Don't know about Irene

Sorry I have such little information.

A little antidote Jessie, Irene and Miriam came to Australia on the Sitmar TSS Fairstar - the same ship that I went on a cruise with my adoptive parents.

I grew up on a farm near Kumbia Queensland.
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Hi James

Nicci has advised she has Jessie's army records. Will let you know when I have a copy and will get them to you.
It's all beginning to make a little more sense.

As for the large family, Esther's mother had 11 too. But that wasn't uncommon for the times.

My thanks to you and Nicci for sorting out that record for me - I don't suppose you have any photos of Jesse, Irene and Miriam? Would love to see them.

Lloyd always maintained that Jesse was never heard from again. Perhaps there was a fall out, perhaps they drifted apart or perhaps Jesse was in contact with one of his other siblings and Lloyd didn't know about it.

It seems we'll never know!

I can try and help with questions you have about the Gaskins. My grandparents migrated back towards Norfolk and I (quite by chance) live barely half a mile from the farm where Jesse's father worked for years and just another mile from the house where his father returned to after the war (unfortunately it doesn't exist anymore)

I still haven't found where Walter was buried. I went to Black Notley (where his wife and son are buried) and he's not there.
The address provided on the 39 Census has him living a mile away from Black Notley in Braintree itself. It's quite likely that he's buried in the main town cemetry. I wasn't that keen on wandering around the cemetry itself as Braintree is a large town and the cemetry is enormous.

But I'll email the council and ask them to check their records. If he is there, I would wonder why he wasn't sent back to Black Notley to where his wife and son are.

If he isn't there then I'm really stuck. He'd be anywhere in the Braintree dustrict with nothing to narrow it down as 25 years passes between the 1939 census and his death in 1964.

I'll do a little digging into the Parchment family for you.

Hi James,

Nicci has sent through some documents will try to attach for you. Asked Nicci re photos, she thinks they were all destroyed, but she will look.
Jesse's, Irene's and Miriam's Birth Certificates


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  • Irene Ethel Parchment Birth Certificate 1.jpeg
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  • Miriam Gaskin Birth Certificate.jpeg
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