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Family History of Jesse Anthony, Irene E and Miriam Gaskin of Oxford pre 1964

Hi James

Info from Queensland Gov and Port info.
Nicci advised that the info is locked for 65 years so another 6 years until it can be accessed. Local historians told Nicci that it could only have been locked for legal reasons, maybe this is something to do with why Jesse and Irene disappeared. Maybe we all find out in 6 years


Hi James [again]

Also from Nicci - they were lead to believe there was no family in England. Irene always said that Jesse was only a Gardner but his records show he was in India and when Nicci asked Jesse when he was older he told her about riding between camps delivering things [assume in the war]. Nicci received an email from a war history site in UK that Jesse may have participated in an operation call Market Garden. Maybe that is where Irene got the gardener bit. Irene taught English to American's on an American base in England during the war.
Attached is letter from Indian Posts and Telegraphs Department - it seems to be a reference for Jesse Dated 21 Sep 1938
A quick search brings up the following.

Irene E Parchment
Born 1912 in Hackney, London

She had a sister, Lily Doris born 1903.

Lily has been very interesting to look for.
After the 1911 census, two things come up.
A marriage in 1964 and a listing in the teachers registration council in 1928.

Lily Doris claims to have been assistant mistress at Cherry Grove Boys School between 1921 and 1923.
Her next relevant teaching experience isn't until 1927 in West London.

I can't find Lily Doris on the electoral roll. There is a listing however for Lily Louise Parchment in Cheshire between 1920 and 1925.

She's going to take some work.

Their parents were:

Arthur Walter
Born 1878 in Bethnal Green, London.
Died 1927 in Pancras London

(Arthur's occupation listed as 'Railway Clerk' and later 'Telegraphist Railway')

Lily Louisa Davis
Born 1880 Stepney, London
Died 1954 Hackney, London
The 1939 Census lists her as a widow living with George and Violet Herbert in Hackney.
I'm guessing Violet is her sister.

Arthur had a brother, Henry
Born 1881 in Middlesex.
Died 1964 in Stepney

There's a record of Henry J Parchment marrying Eliza Easterbrook in 1904.
However, in the 1911 census, Henry's wife is stated as Louisa and they have 3 children
Louisa 1908
Rosie 1909
Emily 1911

The 39 census lists him as married but there's no record of Eliza or Louisa. Instead there's a Rachel Parchment born 1881 and married.
In the 39 Census his son is recorded as living with him.
Henry A 1913

Would need to spend some more time looking at Henry!

Arthur and Henry's parents are
Henry Parchment
Born 1857 in Middlesex
Died 1928 Sudbury, Suffolk

Born 1859 in Sudbury, Suffolk.
Unsure of death.
There is a death recorded in Chelsea of a Laura Parchment born 1957.

Hope this helps,

Thanks James,
passing the information to Nicci and Mark as we go. It has us all intrigued as no one had any idea of any relatives at all. Nothing was ever spoken of except that there was no one left in England....
I've had another look around to confirm Jesse's parentage.

My Great-Great Grandfather was Walter Robert.

The parent of Jesse on his marriage certificate is stated as Robert Walter.

So, we know that Jesse was born in Aylsham area around 1914. So I checked the entire county for a Robert Walter Gaskin who could be potentially be his father.

Nobody, certainly not as far as I can see, fits in correctly.

Somebody a few months ago, screenshotted an except from the electoral roll. There is a Robert on there. I checked him out and he is far too old to be Jesse's father.

There is in later electoral rolls a Jesse living with a Harriet in the village of Lyng. He is a pensioner.

I'm therefore forced to conclude that the entry on the birth cert is a mistake.
(Well, not necessarily a mistake but in the wrong order)

Also, consider that I know that my Great-Great Grandmother had a son called Jesse who was born in Aylsham district, Norfolk in the exact same area as where my Great-Great Grandmother were from.

He was absent from her funeral in 1938 (which matches up with your Jesse's military records)

He attests in Chelmsford in 1932 which is very close to where Walter Robert and Esther were living. (1931 Walter Robert and Esther were living in Roxwell, Essex which is 4 miles from Chelmsford)

And his father is listed a farm labourer. Walter Robert was a farm labourer.

And, of course, my family knew that their Jesse emigrated to Australia. There is only one entry for Jesse Gaskin entering Australia.

I can't think of any other alternative than Jesse being the son of Walter Robert & Esther Gaskin
I've had a look at his Army documents.

You'll note it states that he joined the Cavalry of the line and then it says 'RAC'

When he joined in 1932, there was no RAC (Royal Armoured Corps)
It was formed from merging all the Cavalry of the line regiments.

Jesse was in the 14th/20th Kings Hussars and served in India from 1936 to 1941.

Jessie was a horses man.
We knew this anyway. He states himself as a horseman when he arrived in Australia and he had a love of the race track.

So the obvious thing to when he joined up was to join a cavalry regiment.

He must have know that his time in the Army working with horses must have been limited as other cavalry regiment had begun to fully mechanise a few years before he joined.

I've attached a photo, it is the last mounted parade of the 14th/20th Kings Hussars in Lucknow 1938. He may well be on that parade.

In 1941, he was sent to the Middle East to guard the oilfields and supply routes to Russia. It was here they finally switched to Sherman tanks.

In 1943, he arrives home and joins the R.A.V.C (Royal Army Veterinary Corps)
I believe on his marriage certificate it states his occupation as a SGT in the R A.V.C as farrier but I can't see it well enough to know for sure.

As for Operation Market Garden I have absolutely no idea. I don't see much of a role for the Veterinary Corps.
Besides, his record states him as being home.
There may well be a connection but so far I haven't found it

**Edit. You say Irene used to teach nearby American troops?

The 82nd Airborne and the 508th parachute infantry regiment were both billeted at Wollaton Park, Nottingham
and both were parachuted into the Netherlands in 1944, part of Operation Market Garden.

(Jesse and Irene lived in Nottingham in 1944)
Maybe that's the connection



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Just found out some more information.
Unfortunately, it makes things more confused.
I just spoke to Auntie Bessie's son. (La Bassee, sister of Jesse)
So he is Jesse's nephew.
He's 80 this year and remembers a lot of the family.

Anyway, I asked him about Jessie and he remembers him.

He says that Jesse went to Australia then came back! Apparently he turned up at his house with a horsebox.

He does claim this was before 1957.

Do you know exactly the nature of his work within the racing industry? Knowing his job would be a great help.

He also remembered Walter, Jesse's father.
He says he worked for quite a time at Black Notley hospital.

Apparently he was scared of him, he was very abrupt. He also used to pick a fresh flower every day to wear in his lapel.

I've attached a photo. Nobody knows who it is. Maybe Jesse considering his history with horses?
Then again, might be a complete randomer.


Afternoon James,

from what I can find about the 14th/20th Jesse's Certificate matches so in India then Iraq guarding the Oil Fields.

Nicci had a question 'is there any family history of early onset dementia? Just that Jesse and Miriam both did.

Nicci also advised that Jesse was on motorbike when riding from camp to camp in India [no horse]. Also they were 10 pound poms but they didn't go into an immigration camp when the arrive in Australia, just straight off the boat. Not sure if that was the usual [maybe was for British Citizens]. Have contacted the Queensland Government re the Immigration Docs, they say 20 days before I may get an answer. Will send through what I get.

Also regarding Irene, she was a member of the Toowoomba Repatory Theatre. Will see what I can find with them re photos and details. Irene was also a sewing machine rep for Bernena in the younger Australia days.
Morning James

Jesse died 2 October 1996. Nicci is seeing if her dad has his death certificate for you.
Jesse was classed as a Race Horse Strapper when he was working in Bundamba [Ipswich area, near Brisbane], he used to come to Toowoomba for short stays. This was his last job before he became unwell and moved in with Miriam & Bevan in Toowoomba. Strapper's have to be licensed and pretty sure that was the case in the 1990's.

Nicci's dad also said that he thinks Jesse worked for the English man who collected them from the boat from England. The man's wife was Australian and the wife wanted to return to Australia so when they were leaving the man offered Jesse work in Australia if he would move here.
Hi James

we really have no idea why Jessie, Irene and Miriam told Miriam's children that there were no relatives in England. They all told the same story and it was about both the Gaskin and Parchment sides of the family they denied existing. It appears a mystery that may never have an answer. Many families have secrets, usually about things that in the scheme of things are not really a big deal but to the people who start keeping the secrets it must have seemed worth it. It is a shame though, so much history and family information gets lost through secrets.

As far as I'm aware, there's no history on dementia at all on the Gaskin side. I can certainly make enquires.

I found this article helpful in regards to the 'Ten Pound Poms'

4 of the Winterbone children were born out of wedlock.

Trixie, Louis, Stanley and Ralph.

Ralph's son, Gordon, emigrated to New Zealand aged 20.

Apparently Gordon used to come back and visit relations in Norfolk quite often.

Ralph (with his wife and son Frank) joined him in 1957 on a ship that first went to Syndey.

So it looks like Jesse and Ralph, half brothers, left the same year.

I think Gordon ended up dropping the 'bone' and became Gordon Winter
Looks like you'd better email me so I can put you all on my family tree!

The rules clearly say no email address. Please use the private message system.
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