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Family History Poem/Poets are there others out there?

Hi as promised in the "How did you get addicted to Family History" thread. here is the poem that I wrote on the subject.


Names go flying around in my head,
As I lie trying to sleep in my bed,
I see pictures of the I.G.I.
And wonder, when did Ethel die,
I really wish I knew when Jane was born,
As I wake up this Monday morn,
Then, so much easier would be my life,
If I knew when William had taken Emily for his wife,
And where do Mary and Charles fit in?
Was he fat or was she thin,
Was she a Redman? Of them there are lots,
Or maybe a Roe, of course she could be a Watts.
Then I find the family on the census,
That really is a great big bonus,
My family watch me with a feeling of unease,
They think I have caught some terrible disease,
As they come and give me a hug,
I tell them yes, I've got the

Written by ElwynB 2005.

Are there other people out there who as well as researching their family history enjoy writing poetry or anything else for that matter? I would love to get in contact with you.