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Family History Transcribers.


Staff member
In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Whilst on a visit to England and Aylesbury Library to do a bit of family research, I encountered a couple who were transcribing parish records for the area most of my paternal rellies lived and worked.
As I've said in another thread, this couple belonged to the Bucks FHS. The lady was viewing the records off of microfilm and her partner was transferring what she had found on to a database on a laptop.

This laptop was left at the library, and was free to anyone who wanted to access the database on it.

Some of the records were almost illegible, but this lady had a magnifying glass to try and decipher some of the entries on the microfilm, even though they were on a viewer.
I found out that they had been doing this work for over 8 years.

The dedication and commitment of these wonderful folk is absolutely amazing.

So I would like to thank them, and all members of Family History Groups across the land, who do this relentless task to enable me and countless others, to make our task that much easier.

Here,Here Steve..........always amazed me at the amount of records we have and to think it was mainly done by pen and pencil for years...and the odd Quill.
Hi Ben,
Did you have a rellie in Bletchingdon, near Bicester. Did get any parish records from there.
And also, empty some of your private messages. I've been trying to send you one, but your quota is full.:biggrin: :rolleyes:


Hi Steve

I shall empty my PM folder so you can send me a few PMs? Are the PMs about Oxon Prs and such?