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Family story


Loch Lomond Dunbartonshire
My cousin before she died a few years ago told me a story about a Thomas Hill who was in the royal navy ww1, and c1917 around the time of the communist revolution he jumped ship!! :eek:
I have 2 Thomas Needham Hill's in my tree 1 born 1867 Stirling and the other 1897 Clydebank, not sure which one it was but prob the younger one.
Would like any info to back up the story but been unable to find anything, :( any help would be great. :)


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thanks for trying Steve. there is a lot of info LOL the remarks at the side I think has wounded in action 16 july 1918 but cant make much more out or see anything that would confirm the story!
Was looking at ship names and confirmed drake and vivid as ship names but cant find anything that looks like the others!
Engaged 28 March 1915

Period of Engagement 12 yrs

Vivid I 14 5 3103 Boy 2 25 Apl 14 SG 21.6.17 3.1.18 x per Benbow Sep 17

Vivid I 15 3 211 Boy I 1 Aug 14 16 Oct 14 SG 4.1.18 N. P./A. G. 10 ? 18

Vivid I (RiR) 15 II 712 AB (3yr) 16 Apl 21 5 June 21 Shore Demobd. V/G - Sat. ? DG

Drake 1.2 Mob AB 3yrs 1 Oct 38 3 Oct 38 Demobd. n/a 3.10.38 n/a

Tranferred ?? G. 29.3.18 (The 3 overwritten by 4)
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He saw action on HMS Benbow on 16 Jul 1918.

Nothing I can see that actually helps with the story.

The C & A - Character & Ability is mostly V/G = Very Good and Sat. = Satisfactory

AB = Able Seaman