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Family Tree as part of a Family History site

I have an old website which contains my family tree: it also holds a lot of old documents and snippets that I have collected over the years about members of the past family. Current research keeps adding to this background material. I need to recreate the site because the hosting has lapsed so I cannot add new material. Also, the tree was generated by ancient software, and I wasn't particularly happy with the way it presented the results, so I need to redo it anyway. In short, I intend to start from a clean sheet.

Because I have the tree itself completely established back for 6 generations (and forward for 2 generations), my priority is to be able to enhance the tree so that it presents more in the way of an overall family history, with links to the various documents and photos if possible. It also needs to be amenable to additions as the new generation grows - so a decent, navigable display of the tree is important. Because we are a pretty wide spread family, I don't want to use Ancestry.co.uk because I want the information to be available to those who are not members.

There are a lot of recommendations on this thread, but all seem to be pretty specific to building the tree itself. I can take on the job of building the web site separately, but having a really good way of displaying the tree and providing the embedded links is key. If anyone can point me to software (free or charged) which will facilitate what I am trying to do, I would be most grateful


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