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family tree maker 2008 deluxe

Colne Lancs
Hi friends,
I wonder if anyone has any experiance in loading the family tree maker 2008 deluxe. While the programe is loading and operating ok, I am unable to register the product or access ancestry with it as it keeps coming up with "authentication with server failed" I can only assume this means the internet connection which is operating fine ( I wouldnt be here otherwise lol) and wondered if anyone else has had a simiar problem and how they dealt with it. Any advice gratefully received, best wishes,
I've not had any problem registering but then I was registered with an earlier version. I have had problems with it going on and offline at inconvenient moments though recently it hasn't been as bad. It could be problems with your anti viral software or microsoft blocking it. If you have both the Microsoft firewall on and your antivirus firewall it can block registering software. Other than that I can't think why you can't register.
thanks for your interest and reply duckweed. If I turn off the norton security etc to register, do I have to keep it off each time I use the programe, or just for the instalation and registration. thanks again,
You should be able to put accepted site on your anti viral and then you should have no problem. Though with me it has been the microsoft software that has been blocking my cookies not the antiviral. I've had to switch the microsoft firewall off as it was blocking my entry to British Origins and Ebay. Norton can be a bit over-restrictive I find too,
hi again Duckweed,
still struggling.
Have changed settings to accept the program but still being told the authentication has failed. I'll keep plodding and write to the publishers if I have to, although they say it will take six weeks for a reply. all the best
How annoying. I bought mine cheap through Amazon. The six months free access has meant I made a profit on it. It really is great for searching as it points out any likely match and gives you maps of where various relatives lived. There has been a few glitches in that microsoft has kept closing it down when I was in the middle of things but it seems to have stopped doing that.I do hope you get fixed up soon. Could you register by phone or post?