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Family tree Maker 2017

Yesterday I put my tree back on Ancestry. I just can't work with my Familytree maker. It's how I've always worked. Now wondering if it's worth updating it.

looks like the upgrade has hit the buffers - Ancestry has asked for the upgrade release to be put on hold while they look into the problems that will occur when large numbers of users all resync at once!

I got an email a couple of days ago .Think the cheap upgrade offer finishes shortly. Liked the thought that you can alter a faded photo back to a good finish.

Have been using the 2017 beta for the last few days and can say it does everything that I use it for, especially syncing with Ancestry - all going well.
Did have one glitch though - when I was entering some children going from the entry box to the main input the previous child info was still there - all very odd.
Later I thought I would check child entries on the old 2014-1 and that worked as it should - so went back to the new 2-17 beta and that worked as it should, as I had restarted the 2017 beta program I presume the problem was a 'glitch'
Or it could be me(wife says it usually is :2fun::2fun:)

Latest version appears to be working OK with Family Sync working as planned OK
Still got the strange problem when adding multiple children that after adding the *** of the 2nd or higher children it will revert to the previous child - does not happen on the 2014 version.
I even created a test tree and it occurs on 2017 but not 2014.

FTM 2017 has finally been released - Family Tree Sync now functions as it should.

I still have the problem when entering multiple children from a marriage in that it will revert to the previous child after entering the *** of child - this didn't happen in 2014.1 edition.

Finally the long awaited update to Family Tree Maker 2017 has arrived in 2018.

After what seemed like eternity and forever saying NO to addons and entering name etc I finally got the download link.

So far I do not see any differences inactions etc, only time will tell.

Having used the latest offering - all seems to be well :eek:

The sync function is working (most times) with a 'traffic light' system to tell when Ancestry is not at home :)2fun::'( ) but it appears to work
So upshot is that I will continue to use it, mainly because I dont want to learn another package and it suits my needs.