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Family Trees.......Oh dear.!


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Just compared, my tree with one other for sources.

The tree I am looking at has a burial in Lewisham in, 1 Mar.1840. Death reg in Aylesbury, Bucks, 1840. Buired in Cockermouth, 29 Nov 1840.

Erm.!.......Do I copy this.:eek::LOL::LOL::LOL:

Looks like there is probably another tree which that was copied from with no checks being done. Why on earth people just copy info verbatim from another tree without checking to see whether or not it is correct I just don't know. Laziness, ignorance or just a desire to get as many people as possible into their own tree?
I gave up on people's trees along while ago.Why do they bother .Since I went back to Ancs I have been in touch with someone in US that believes my Thomas Rodan Adamson was a bigamist and died in America .I have told him I have his death details from a very good source but ………………….. The only record I have went back to researching his tree is a Robert ADAMS they just added the on at the end .Closed my tree to private ,and they are still coping from other trees .
We have tried various affiliate sites such as Anc, to allow us to access their files as a forum membership, maybe only allowing a dozen to access and get information for members on here - but a big fat NO :mad:
Really thought 5his would be the response.
Even offered them free advertising AND said we would not post a full record - just some, and add a link to them to get all the records or more, after the user purchased a membership or access fee for that record!
Big fat NO again:mad:
Looks like there is probably another tree which that was copied from with no checks being done. Why on earth people just copy info verbatim from another tree without checking to see whether or not it is correct I just don't know.
As you say Laziness! And because they know no different and nobody tells them any different!
Is still amazes me that people claim to have traced their family back to 1100's (input any date before 1800!:)) it is virtually impossible unless you are royalty or landed gentry or a lord!
There are thousands, tens of thousands of trees on Anc which have no truth at all!
Every person should have a legal record, for a person to be in a family history / genealogy tree!(y)
To my mind ,Ances is all about Mormans religion, and to proceed higher up the scale you need a very good faultless Ancestry.So that is why if you were not building a tree you would be refused,same with using FS your use will be kept.
That's a bit harsh, regarding the Mormons.........where would Family researchers be without them. Not until relatively recently, that they teamed up with FMP. I don't care what their motives are.
Their site is free to access, unlike most others. Makes me wonder who did all the micro filming.;):)

As for other trees.....I look and laugh. Nothing can be done about them, unless you want to contaact them and put them right. Not worth getting your blood pressure.:ROFLMAO:.............There is always a few that are great, and there is also a possibility that ours are wrong.:eek::ROFLMAO:
The person that now is the Head of Ances lives in Salt Lake City Utah .Too think you can change a Deceased persons religion is stupid, and their names will be added to their religion . I once had a discussion with them about someone killing someone to get their tablets or whatever it was back. That's a broken Commanment .Back came what about the battle of Jerico .He never new they were starved out not killed my man's hand .
My point is, regardless of whatever religion they are. Family historians, owe a debt to these people.

Where else would you go to access 1.5 Billion images for free(essentialy).

What's that saying....'Let he who cast the first stone be without sin'. I will not get hung up on religions of any kind, it's all about choices.....and none have clean hands.
Anyone will argue until they're blue in the face. Views on the subject of relgion, are always biased. Depeneds what 'side' people are on.

As for Jericho.....I wasn't there. Stories are written by the victors, and the vanquished. Somewhere in the middle is the truth.

Take our national Saints....none of then were 'home grown'. Saint George the 'Dragon Slayer'. He never killed dragons, it's a metaphor. There still those that believe he wandered about killing those things.
If my memory is correct, he was Egyptian, and a general in the Roman Army.

St Patrick was Welsh......and he vanquished all the snakes and lizards from Ireland. Another metaphor.

St Andrew was a Greek. And even he was a 'shoe in', with his brother believed to be Simon Peter. The Cross on the Flag of Scotland, is supposed to be a actual shape he was crucified on.

Blimey, I've gone right of the point of this thread.:LOL::LOL:

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I know....FS have them on microfilm., the ones they filmed Not everything thing is available on any web site., FMP nor Anc.

Not every County has a Family History Web site, or a Family History organisation that 100%......most of those will point to the sites we've mentioned.
Find my Past, Chairman of the Board, Jay Verkler used to be the CEO of FamilySearch which may explain why a lot of records have dissapeared from FamilySearch and are now only available on Find my Past.