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Farnborough Hampshire
Moppett family

Hi, I'm trying to trace my family name known as Moppett, we cover london/kent/and east susex. can any one help please.

Can any one tell me if my father is from Cardiff please. Family Name Moppett know very little about my name. or family roots.

Hi Moppett
Can you give some dates for this family please?
Are these people still alive?

In reply to your request, My family name is Moppett. I was born to Ethel Rosina Wilkins/Moppett and John Standley Moppett, My Cusions Peter and Moppett are still alive.

1)Wilkins Rosina agnes is also known as Strong she is my Grandmother died in 1996.
2)moppett. Sheils Ann my sister died of cancer in the 1980's

All other names are either my my great grandmother/father or their family. And the Moppett's are part of me. I know very little about my family or doing a familytree, so I can only do what I know.


hi m
you have already listed another post.
People may not see the link, you could have them
doubling up with research and wasting a lot of their time.

sorry for asking

hi moppett,
in order to help, if you create a post concerning your ancestors, try and give us as much information as you can- if you're looking for a particular query to be answered, have a look at the forums to locate the right area to post your query- we'll try and help :)

sorry for asking the wrong questions, i know very little about doing familytrees.

John Moppett from Kent
Rose Gardiner from Eastbourne E.Sussex.

john moppett born 1931 married 1948
peter moppett born after 1900 married 1958
steve moppett born after 1900 married 1967

One other trace of my Sister

Shiela ann moppett 1/5/48
married 1967
Kenneth Dunford

2 sons
1 girl

Jon Moppett Edenbridge Kent:mad:

:) Can you please find details of the family name Moppett:mad:
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