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HO107 Piece 1977 Folio 323 Page 1
Civil Parish: Stoke Edith
County: Herefordshire
Registration District: Hereford
Sub-RD: Dewchurch
ED: 9
No of Schedule: 5
Address: Smiths Shop
William Magness & children
Page 2
Mary Preece Servant Unm 26 Housekeeper Stoke Edith Herefordshire
Henry Jenkins Journeyman Widr. 28 Journeyman Smith , Gloucestershire

Births Dec Qtr 1854 JENKINS Jemima - Wolverhampton 6b 298 mmn GREGORY

RG9 Piece 2112 Folio 5 Page 3
Civil Parish: Hanbury
County: Worcestershire
Registration District: Droitwich
Sub-RD: Droitwich
ED: 7
No of Schedule: 16
Address: Hall Shop
Henry Jenkins Head Widower 38 Blacksmith Aston Ingham Herefordshire
George A Jenkins Son 15 Blacksmith Son East Dean Gloucestershire
Jemima Jenkins Dau 5 Wolverhampton
Susanah Jenkins Dau 3 Wolverhampton
Page 4
Mary Guise Servant Mar 53 Charwoman Stock Bradley Worcestershire
Jane Guise Servant Unm 27 General Servant Hanbury Worcestershire

Births Sep Qtr 1866 JENKINS Arthur H - Droitwich 6c 366 mmn GUISE
First marriage.

Marriages Jun Qtr 1845 Glo'ster 11 437

Births Mar Qtr 1846 JENKINS George Albert - Westbury on S. 11 521 mmn OSBORNE

Deaths Dec Qtr 1847 JENKINS Maria [22] Ross 26 160

I can't find Henry's other two marriages. Make that three.
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3rd Jane Guise ...

RG10 Piece 3070 Folio 5 Page 3
Civil Parish: Hanbury
County: Worcestershire
Registration District: Droitwich
Sub-RD: Droitwich
ED: 7b
No of Schedule: 14
Address: Cross Hand
Jane Jenkins Head Mar 38 Blacksmiths Wife Hanbury Worcestershire
Jemima Jenkins Dau 15 Blacksmiths Daughter Wolverhampton Staffordshire
Susan Jenkins Dau 13 Blacksmiths Daughter Wolverhampton Staffordshire
Anne Jenkins Dau 9 Scholar Hanbury Worcestershire
Aurthur Jenkins Son 4 Scholar Hanbury Worcestershire

... and 4th Mary ??

RG12 Piece 2056 Folio 53 Page 23
Civil Parish: Walford
Town: Hope Mansell
County: Herefordshire
Registration District: Ross
Sub-RD: Ross
ED: 11
No of Schedule: 162
Address: Knackers
JENKINS Henry Head Mar 74 - Worcestershire
JENKINS Mary Wife Mar 54 - Worcestershire
JENKINS Henry Son 8 Worcestershire
JENKINS Eva Dau 3 Walford Herefordshire
NASH Mathew Stepson 16 Horse Dresser Worcestershire

GRO Reference: 1888 M Quarter in ROSS Volume 06A Page 477
Mary's married name could be Nash.

Here is Mathew.

RG11 Piece 2936 Folio 18 Page 27
Civil Parish: St Andrew
County: Worcestershire
Registration District: Droitwich
Sub-RD: Droitwich
ED: 1
No of Schedule: 156
Address: Tower Hill
NASH Mary Ann Head ?? 38 Charwoman Dudley Worcestershire
NASH William H Son 18 ?? Scholar Dudley Worcestershire
NASH John T Son 16 Ag Lab Dudley Worcestershire
NASH Mathew Son 6 Scholar Droitwich Worcestershire
COLLINS Elizabeth Lodger Unm 22 S... Maker Droitwich Worcestershire
Well I have managed to find one

Henry Jenkins/Jane Guise Mar 1862 Droitwich 6c 403

They actually married by Licence in Hanbury 2 January 1862. Henry is a Widower, his father was George and her father was William
There is a death for a Jemima Jenkins 11 April 1861 in Hanbury, aged 32. She might have been Henry's wife and the mother of the Jemima born Wolverhampton. I cannot confirm it, one way or the other, the death cert is needed.

There is a marriage Sep 1853 Worcester 6c 421 of a Henry Jinkins and a Jemima Stone. I cannot find a Stone/Gregory marriage. Again, the only way to confirm this is to get the marriage cert.

Henry's surname was written as Jinkins in both the Jemima Stone marriage and the Jane Guise one.
Thanks emeltee.

JENKINS Henry of Deep Dean Walford Herefordshire blacksmith died 25 August 1894
Probate Hereford 1 October to Mary Ann Rash widow. Effects £22 14s.

Nash = Rash ? The image is clearly Rash in the probate record.

I can't find a death for Jane nee Guise before 1891.
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Marriages Jun Qtr 1845 Ross 26 381
STEEL Thomas & JENKINS Elizabeth

Elizabeth is Henry's sister.

Jemima is a daughter but I can't find her birth reg or her marriage to Phillips.

Marriages Mar Qtr 1895 Ross 6a 593
NASH Matthew & PHILLIPS Jemima
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Perhaps the 'T' should be an 'F' in 1881 census.

GRO Reference: 1865 J Quarter in DUDLEY Volume 06C Page 153

GRO Reference: 1867 M Quarter in DUDLEY Volume 06C Page 125

Age for William H as 18, a student, is wrong in 1881 census. Perhaps it should be 13.
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Henry Jenkins didn't marry Mary Ann Nash - not unless he had divorced 3rd wife Jane, and I don't think he had.

Jane Jenkins, a married woman born 1833 in Worcestershire, appears at 279 Gt Colmore Street, Birmingham as House Keeper to a Thomas T Neal in both 1881 and 1891 Censuses. In the 1901 Census Jane is down as Jane Neal.

Thomas Taylor Neal married Jane Jinkins Sep 1894 Birmingham 6d 30 (What is it with marriage records having Jinkins instead of Jenkins?)

Looks like they waited until Henry died in 1894 before they could marry although in the 1911 Census Thomas states that they have been married 40 years. Perhaps they had just been together that long.

Jane dies 1913 - Jun 1913 Kings Norton 6d 79 age 78

Jane Neal of 279 Gt Colmore Street, Birmingham (wife of Thomas Taylor Neal) died 23 April 1913. Probate Birmingham to Annie Maria Watson ( wife of Edwin Watson) Effects £86-2s-4d

Edmund Watson married Anne Maria Jenkins Dec 1880 Birmingham 6d 232