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Father - Anthony Snider Dowling

Thanks for your help. My grandfather and grandmother names come a marriage contract signed in Montreal in 1933, the year my mother and father married. He states "Anthony Dowling son of the late Frederick Dowling and Marjorie Harcourt his wife. I was born in August 1934. This is the only mention I have. According to the form filled out in 1940 for the Canadian Government , he claims to have been a staff sergeant medical core, attached to headquarters. Claims to have joined in 1914 August, and left in 1919 [no month] Worked his way back to England as a stoker. His immigration papers to Canada show that he was born in Calcutta and that his mother and father were also from Calcutta. I would like to connect Anthony with Frederick. I trace Frederick from Calcutta " hide merchant', "Thackers" no baptism record to his death in USA. Please ask for more details as they come up. Regards E.P.Dowling
He states "Anthony Dowling son of the late Frederick Dowling and Marjorie Harcourt his wife.

Hi Eardley,

The above to me sounds like Frederick had already passed when Anthony married, re son of the late Frederick. IF this was the case then Frederick Snider Dowling would not be his father as Frederick Snider died in 1945.
Also everything i have found on Frederick Snider states he was born in England whereas your Frederick appears to have been born in India.

Do you know the name of the school that Anthony went to? Im just wondering if any school records survived and if they would hold any further information.
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England, United Grand Lodge of England Freemason Membership Registers, 1751-1921
Schools, Directories & Church Histories
Name: Frederick Snider Dowling
Other: date - location
Other: year

Can someone with full Ancestry sub. look this up please.
use the search with name and 1893 Brittish Subject India.

Thank you for your reply's. Additional information. Anthony Snider Dowling Born Calcutta, India 1893. Other information already posted. . Canada in 1940 required a citizenship revue. My father wrote on it that he was a staff Sargeant in the medical corp. attached to HQ. I have contacted the Australian military. They claim he had an alias. I knew my father for 45 years and never once was he deceptive. In reply to questions about his past he always answered "too Painful". Would mr gibbo e-mail me the full page of the ships list or where to find it. Regards


An alias in the army means he was really undercover.

Greetings! Thank you for taking an interest. Frederic 'k' thread is "Snider" Frederick arrives in USA in 1905 He claims British citizen how ever born in India. Arrives again in 1907 and stays. Ellis island passenger records show India as his place of birth. He also claims to be single. 1908 passenger records show the arrival of "Cissy M. 21 years and Marjorie 10 months. My father was sent to boarding school in Jersey at the age 7 and never saw his family again. He might of thought of them as good as dead. "Marjorie Snider Dowling baptised09 Oct 1906 Born 12 Sept 1906 Dhurrumtollah, Bengal, India [a street in Calcutta]. Please ask questions and I will do my best to reply. Thanks again for you interest. E.P.Dowling
Jersey Independent and Daily Telegraph 18 September 1909

Oxenford House School - Anthony Dowling

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Greetings! Re: Frederic and Anthony Dowling. I have Frederic as being born in in 1862. From Ellis island Immigration. I found a will dated 1851 India of Anthony Snider Pensioner of the HEIC. My father was sent to Oxenford House Boys School Jersey, where as near as I can tell, trained students for the civil service, but I cannot put the threads together. Eardley Dowling
I have been following the line of Anthony Snider for a couple of days but still unable to connect him with Frederick.
If naming patterns are anything to go by ...

Marriage Date 22 - Nov
Marriage Year 1831
Husband First Names James Peter
Husband Surname Dowling
Wife First Names Elizabeth Charlotte
Wife Surname Sneider
IOR Reference None
Source Year 1832
Source Edition 2
Source Presidency Bengal
Source Event Marriage
Entry At Calcutta, James Peter Dowling, Esq., to Elizabeth Charlotte, daughter of Anthony Sneider, Esq.
Images of British India Office Wills & Probate 1774-1948 are now viewable at findmypast.
Surname Snider
First Names Anthony
Year 1852
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Surname Dowling
First names James P.
Place Calcutta
Year 1859
Month October
Day 10
Entry Dowling, James P., at Calcutta, aged 52, Oct. 10.
Edition Year 1859
Edition Date December 15
Surname Dowling
Given name(s) James P
Place Calcutta
Year 1859
month Oct
day 10
Register Entry At Calcutta on the 10th Oct of spasmodic cholera James P Dowling esq aged 52 years
Year 1859
Date 29 Oct
Edition 257
Daily/overland daily
Greetings! Many thanks to Rupert for finding my fathers name in the Jersey paper of 1909. First time I am able to confirm his enrollment at the school. I will write a history of the school and post, maybe someone can connect the thread. Regards Eardley Dowling
Jersey Independent and Daily Telegraph 18 September 1909

Oxenford House School - Anthony Dowling


Following on from what Rupert posted... 1907 is the earliest one i could find. It will give you a bit of a insight into his schooling.

Also competed: C. G. Baker, 30 2-3 points ; A. Dowling. 28 2-3 points; E. C. Stent, 30 ... ”
Saturday 24 August 1907 , Jersey Independent and Daily Telegraph , Jersey, Jersey
names of the following pupils of this School:—English. A. Dowling
Saturday 29 August 1908 , Jersey Independent and Daily Telegraph , Jersey, Jersey
Earthquake relief fund
Asks us to state that the school has sent its subscription of £2. 10s to The Scout, through the Patrol Leader, A. Dowling.
Saturday 13 February 1909 , Jersey Independent and Daily Telegraph , Jersey, Jersey
Greetings! "Rupert" and others. Would it be worth my investing 12:95 sterling to access the archives of the Jersey Independent?

Regards E.P.Dowling

Hi Eardley,

I dont know much about the Jersey Independent and i could only access what i posted so i dont know if much more would show up been a paid member to that paper. Rupert might be able to inform you more on that.
Greetings! I received an item from the Jersey Times reporting that Anthony Dowling had passed in mathematics, physiography, magnetism and electricity. For a school that prepared pupils for the civil service, what is that? [2] I have a blank page from a bible given to Anthony Dowling from A Mrs. Darbey Oct 18, 1909. Teacher at the school? Regards Eardley Dowling
Greetings! Yes. Civil service means Government. My father "Anthony Snider Dowling" Born 1893 Calcutta came to England with his mother and a girl in 1901. He was enrolled in "Oxenford House" and left in 1909. He was able to read and write English and French. He was able to type and take shorthand. He went to Australia in Dec 1909. Next word is he enrolls in the Australian army Aug. 1914. Serves at Gallipoli. Discharged in 1919. Arrives in Canada from England in 1920. I am missing his first 7 years in India and his 9 years in Australia. Your interest is most appreciated. Eardley Dowling son 81 years old.
Vernon Harcourt [Anthony Dowling]
born abt 1894 age 16
Glebe N.S.W, Missing Person

New South Wales, Australia, Police Gazettes - 11 May 1910
Inquiry is requested as to the whereabouts of a
youth named Vernon Harcourt, who left his lodgings,
2 Westmoreland-street, Glebe, on the 19th ultimo.
He is 16 years of age, medium height, strong build,
dark complexion and hair, face slightly pimpled, weak
eyes, and sometimes wears glasses; wore a navy blue
serge suit and cap; impediment in speech, which is
very pronounced when excited; a Sydney University
student. May assume the name of Anthony Dowling.
Arrived from England in December last
. Inquiry at
the instance of his mother, Mrs. Dr. Harcourt, Tarcoola
South Australia.

Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Fri 13 May 1910
Vernon Harcourt, 16, a University student,
has been reported to the police as missing.
Young Harcourt who is a son of Dr. Harcourt,
a lady practitioner i- Sydney, recently matri
culated at the University, and had commenced
a four years' course. His mother visited him
at his apartments at the Glebe on April 18, and
they left the house together. He remained
with her for a while, and then left her. lie
has not since been seen or heard of. Con
les Lynch and Farley are investigating.

http://www.naa.gov.au/collection/search/ - 48 pages

HARCOURT Vernon : Service Number - 142 : Place of Birth - St Helier Channel Islands : Place of Enlistment - Sydney NSW : Next of Kin - (Mother) HARCOURT Averyl

Soldiers address c/o. A. Eardley Esq "The Rectory" Horstead Keynes, Sussex, Eng.

Mother's address Mrs. M. Harcourt, The Dispensary, 1 Belmont, Shrewsbury, England, also Mrs. A. Harcourt, Santa Rosa, California, USA

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