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Father - Anthony Snider Dowling

Thanks to Rupert's lead, found the following. On the actual passenger list it states DR.

Averyl Harcourt
California, San Francisco Passenger Lists
Name Averyl Harcourt
Event Type Immigration
Event Date 1913
Event Place San Francisco, San Francisco, California, United States
Gender Female
Age 34
Birth Year (Estimated) 1879
Birthplace England
Ship Name Tahiti

U.K Probate

HARCOURT Marjorie Averyl. See COHEN for HARCOURT.

COHEN Simha or HARCOURT Marjorie Averyl of Colney Hatch
Mental Hospital Middlesex widow died 27 March 1929
Administration (limited) London 19 December to Harry West-
bury Preston solicitor attorney of Anthony Dowling otherwise
Vernon Harcourt
. Effects £1015 9s. 4d.


I have found a british newspaper article which might be of interest but i dont wish to post it on here. Eardley if you send me your email via private message i will email you the article.
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Plenty of U.K newspapers mentioning Dr. Marjorie Harcourt. Don't know when she turned legal, perhaps enough to represent herself?

Daily Mail (Hull, England), Saturday, November 25, 1922
........Dr. Marjorie Averyl Harcourt.........

Attached snippet of above [last part of the article] of her degrees.

4 June 1923 - Dundee Evening Telegraph - Dundee, Angus, Scotland
DR MARJORIE HARCOURT CERTIFIED INSANE Woman Barrister Who Was Notorious in Courts. Dr Marjorie Harcourt,
whose appearances in various law Courts have been usually accompanied by queer statements, has been certified as insane ...........

Problems started for her in 1917 Santa Rosa, U.S.A

A few articles found "Dr Marjorie Harcourt"

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Marjorie Averyl must have been very young when she had Anthony :confused:
Appears she was born approx 1879 and Anthony was born 1893. She would have been 14 give or take.
Ok so thanks to Rupert we have the Australian side of things sorted.

I have been looking for a birth for Anthony under a mixture of names and places and still cant find one.
Marjorie was in Scotland in 1901. She was named Marjorie Duake - Cohen.

Can she be found on the 1901 census?

Edinburgh Evening News
5th April 1901
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Still at the University under the Duake - Cohen name in 1906.

Edinburgh Evening News
27th July 1906
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Ok found something more. BUT i cant find the marriage as yet.

State Library Queensland

Averyl Harcourt on her wedding day (#187935)
[Medical practitioner (913) APM 782-966. (Description supplied with photograph)
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Marjorie was in Scotland in 1901. She was named Marjorie Duake - Cohen.

Can she be found on the 1901 census?

Edinburgh Evening News
5th April 1901

St. George/Edinburgh
Spittal Street
John Laidlaw Head Married Male 63 1838 Tailor Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Marianne Laidlaw Wife Married Female 59 1842 - England
Mary Laidlaw Daughter Single Female 21 1880 Student (Training College) Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Marjory Duake Cohen Boarder Single Female 26 1875 Medical Student India

I cant find Anthony's birth in India nor anything on Marjorie in India. I have used all their name combinations and still nothing.

Im stuck :confused:
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Greetings! I am overwhelmed with all the information your are sending. How do you connect Marjorie Duake - Cohen with Marjorie Harcourt? With thanks Eardley Dowling

Post #43 on here by Rupert connects Duake - Cohen and Harcourt as one person.
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Greetings! WOW! A little more history on Anthony Snider Dowling. Is sent from India to St Lawrence, Jersey, Oxenford House [boarding school for boys 1901. Oxenford House is run by the Daveys family [owned the endeavour] Miss Ellen Davey marries a teacher at the school name of Frank Stenton Eardley, they have 3 daughters. They sort of adopt Anthony and called him uncle Tony. Frank becomes a Minister of the church of England and I believe was posted to Ashbrittle, Wellington, Bristol during 1901 - 1909. I have met with grand children and they remember Tony walking with the in the garden but have no knowledge of his history. Regards Eardley Dowling