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Father Francis Quinn Omaston West Derby

I was wondering if you could help me, i am currently doing some research on my ancestors,which has lead me to Osmaston Derbyshire,the person i am researching is mary / marie quinn, i was lead to believe she owed or ran a hotel or B&B on Park Road which i have been informed there is now a supermarket built on there Sainsburys supermarket,could you verify this for me ?

there is also another story that i have been told, whether this is true or not maybe you can clarify this for me,

Francis Quinn came from Manchester to Omaston to work as a priest and mary his sister was the housekeeper, i believe he worked as Father Francis Quinn in a catholic church and maybe the house was called the rosary after the rosary beads for the catholic religion

i have no dob or death for these two past ancestors and im hoping that one of these theory's would be finally put straight by some knowledge of the area of Omaston, i do however have a picture of father francis is it maybe any help to researchers or anyone who can help me finally set this record straight and find my ancestors story, i do however believe that now brother and sister Francis and mary are dead,as im guessing they were born around 1902+

i do believe that it was roughly 1950 / 1960's that Francis went to Omaston to work as a priest

any help of information you can give me would be gratefully appreciated.

Yours Sincerely Claire
Claire Southgate
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