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Fathers BMD from Son's Christening Parish Record

Research techniques: I know the name of the father from the Son's christening certificate (1750's) and the christening place. How do I find the father's BMD with some certainty from the parish records available?
Best way to refine the results?

Try to find a marriage around the birth date. You could then try for the fathers birth around the sons date -20 years!
That is a start always supposing the father was born in the same parish.
Most marriages are usually in the wife's parish.
It all depends on how good the parish records are.
Best of luck!

First check about 5 years either side of baptism date for baptisms of siblings (they may include mothers name).

Then search up to twenty years either side of the first baptism found, couples often married after one or more of their children had been born.

Whilst searching the registers note other families with the same surname in case they need to be discounted later.

When searching for father's baptism search approx. 20 to 35 years previous to the first child's baptism.

When potential subjects are found other records may have to be searched to "prove" the relationship.
Thanks Peter, Steve and Guy,

Been looking for two days FS, FMP, and Ancestry, but nothing fits in with what I know for sure: Richard Barlow (1757-1834) Dorothy Price (1760-1833). Richard's Christening record states the father to be a Richard.

I have assumed the father to be born/christened in the range 1720-1740 Area same as parents - Chester, Flint/Denbigh. Nothing shows for Flint/Denbigh but one probable from Malpas Cheshire - Richard Barlow b1737 (Diocese of Chester parish registers of baptisms 1538-1910, Part 1 - 62, 155) But working this 'forward' does not indicate a son Richard Barlow b1757 - so I am not so sure about the Malpas entry.

Oddly, nothing shows for the Flint/Denbigh area, does this mean No Records - I would have thought something would have shown.

Can somebody on Here check over what I have done please.

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