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Father's will - illegitimate child

Dear Family History UK/Wills Forum

We have an illegitimate child in our family born in 1893 possibly to an aristocrat.

The child's birth was registered - using a false father (the mother's own father with a false transport related job, road car timekeeper) - the mother using a false name, that she also used when she later married and also using a false name for her father, again with a false transport related job, as cab proprietor.

The child was baptised outside of his parish - with false 'baptism parents' - which was unusual as if the mother and child required parish relief the child should have been baptised within his own parish - and the parish would also have put pressure on the mother and father to marry - or for the father or father's family to provide financial assistance to the mother and the child so not to put unnecessary financial pressure on the parish - but only enough financial assistance to keep them from the workhouse.

The mother and child did not go to a workhouse, or the child to another family as nurse child while the mother worked, nor did the child go to a baby farm while the mother worked - or was aborted or suffered infanticide.

However, the child was sent to a boarding school aged seven in the 1901 census (we do not know the circumstances of the child's life before this) - and he was also there with his cousin who may also have been illegitimate. The mother is found in the 1901 in a boarding house living on own means - was she receiving a private income - and was the father paying for the child's boarding school fees. Would this have been a one-off payment or a regular payment (and so by providing for the mother and child in this way it would not be necessary to name the mother and child in the father's will)?

The other child at the boarding school (who was cousin to the illegitimate child) may also have been illegitimate but we do not know this for certain - the mother names herself on the birth certificate and her 'husband' (but their marriage cannot be traced) - when the child is baptised with her illegitimate cousin she also has a false 'baptism parents' - both the 'father' on the birth certificate and 'father' on the baptism record have transport related jobs - tram line cleaner and P&O steward.

We believe that both children may be illegitimate - and both with aristocratic parents?

However, could the above transport related jobs have been able to send these children away from London to Southend to a boarding school?

Thank you for any thoughts on this subject!

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