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Favourite WDYTYA episode or episodes?


Loyal Member
Staff member

I'd say either Kim Cattrall or Jerry Springer are my faves. The Jerry Springer one was tragic and sad.

Kim Cattrall's grandfather George Baugh did a few nasty things such as commit bigamy and abandon his wife but we dont know if he had a reason for fleeing his first family. That was suggested in the show such as the possibility that the police may have been after him or something. He did have one eventful life though. He was a very confident man who tried to get to the States as a stowaway but was caught. He was a man who took risks and was very brazen, selfish yes, but brazen. At least he still gave us Kim Cattrall. In the show she called him a "son of a *****" for what he did but she probably still admires him in some ways.


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