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Female painter in 1901


My great aunt is described as a painter (artist) in the 1901 census. At the time she was a 20-year old unmarried woman, living as a boarder in a house in Blackpool.

Does anyone have any idea what the likelihood is that she was actually an artist, or might she have made a living in a less reputable fashion?:redface:
Lancashire county records office have a full 'site' relating to Blackpool and early occupations. I have had a quick look in there for you and it appears that there were a number of ceramic studios operating at this time. They bought in plain pottery and painted them with the famouse " a souviner from Blackpool" along with a painting of the tower etc. No named artists were listed but it is not a great stretch to think that your relation was employed in such a studio. Hope this has been a little help
Hi again,
just finished posting the above reply when I noticed you are researching the Howarth name. This is one of my to do projects. My grandmother was a Rachael Howarth from Lancashire, and considering your Blackpool conection, I wondered if this might also be of interest
Thanks for the recent replies.

I don't know if my great aunt married; her name was Annie Gibson, and she was born in Blackburn in 1880. The names that familyman gives didn't marry into my tree before 1901, but i know virtually nothing about that side of the family after that date.

Patrick, thanks for the info about the ceramics painters, I'll look into that. My lot are Haworths, not Howarths (although I have seen it spelled those two, ways, and Howorth to boot. It depends on who was doing the writing for them, I think). All my lot were cotton weavers in Darwen for a couple of hundred years. I haven't found a Rachel in my direct line, but she could be related via an offshoot.

Thanks again for your help.
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