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FHUK Christmas Tale.


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swindon wilts
God looked down and chuckled as he watched his FHUK members tinkle with there keyboards at Christmas time.....and this is what he may have seen.....

Risboy was in the kitchen having a mild argument with his good wife,she wanted a nice sherry but he was adamant it had to be Bucks Fizz....you can take the fizz out of the boy but not the Bucks.
Davelambert was writing his Xmas list,a gun and holster as he was the troubleshooter of enquires past though Gortonboy had issue with this and so asked for a bazooka instead....LETS BLOW THE BLEEDIN PAST AWAY he said in a Mancunian drawl.
Drew,Drew the curtains and noticed someone in the holly bushes...jeez i hope that isnt Sniper she thought,he will be taking potshots of me parking meter on the chimney.
On the other side of the world JMR was thinking of Burnley and while cooking her Hovis was glad she didn't have that darned cobbled hill to climb...Sherbourne is a long way from home;)
Daveham had invited his rellies round for some Eggnog which itself created a problem seeing as he is related to every Aussie alive it seems while Joaning was wondering whether her Spanish omelette was missing a few ingredients while at the same time turning her waterwheel that powered her electricity supply for her Xmas decorations:)
Ellie has disapeared in the potteries...lets hope Santa goes down her Wedgewood chimney and drags her back to Xmas present.
Somerstown was stealing all the jokes from the christmas crackers as per usual;) while calliek was cooking her Goose....Canadian of course.
Jeff Alvey was thanking people...he is good at that that and of course it is that time of year for thanks.
Benny being a Norwich boy was thinking of changing his Avatar but Norfolk un Good was quickly dispatched especially after he said it quickly a few times and was promptly banned from the local church for expletives.:eek:
Elwyn was in the kitchen listening to some country music on the radio...Barbarajoh being her particular favourite.
Gaelwyn had decided to win some extra funds for Xmas so had a punt on Brentor Boy in the last race,no luck though though the bookie was a nice Guy...talking of Guy :biggrin:
Dochines likes his medicine,though he had no idea what PTJW was and if it was infectious......so that brings me to Juliejtp who was busy asking Santa for the A to Z of pop hits....google was getting a bit thin on the ground;)

Christmas smells were all around....a haze of Christmasness lifted into the earths atmosphere and god took a sniff....he was tempted to say aggggh bisto but resisted and instead looked down to see Gibbo cleaning her pond....she was busy dragging Duckweed out of it who came up spluttering with goggles on insisting she had seen the emblem of Blythe on the ponds bottom.......this brings me to Jay who is delighted to find that she is first cousin to the magpies in Gibbo's garden;)
In North Wales Gwenyth was getting her Greens ready...no change there then i suppose......she liked to sort them while watching 007 on the box:)
Edward was also peeling....not sure what spuds he uses but i reckon they are King.
Emeltee is the question...what came first the em or the teeredf)....Roy looked Manley as he nipped into his local butchers though saddened that GD Coopers was only selling fish....something to do with the past he was informed.
So Christmas morning was arriving and God smiled as he saw Richard Fletcher winding up his clocks...hundreds of them and big blighters to:)

LEEEEEEEFER,LEEEEEEFER boomed God....i have a message for you and as Leefer woke from his slumber he was sure he heard God say that SteveGraham was up there with him and laughing.....RIP Steve i thought and i am sure all our members who remembers him think the same.

A dream it must have been and i put the kettle on and thought back on the FHUK year....thanks for all your support when i had some sad times this year....and good times to.
To all on the forum i have not mentioned it just remains for me to wish you to a Merry Xmas.....everyone is the same on here and that is what makes it a great forum.

Thanks to the Mods for the extra work they put in and not forgeting good old Admin:)



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South Aust.
Thanks Lee, a brilliant piece as usual, you are spot on, but we use pedal power...remember the pedal radio?? well it's similar. Max has the night shift,he pedals 8 til 10.30. Then we turn them off, so I don't have to pedal at all :D>:D;)
Seasons greetings Leefer, and thanks for all the laughs.

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