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FHUK forums home page.


Staff member
In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Is there anyone who can explain, as to why the forums home page takes so long to load, or continues to load, using Google Chrome.:confused:

Using Internet explorer, it's done in seconds.:confused:

It's Ok......I've solved it by clearing my browsing data, history, cookies etc.

This may help others, so have a go if you get similar problems with other web sites etc.

Steve, my late paternal grandfather was a staunch member, in fact there was a rumour he was instrumental in getting the club up and running. The Radical Club was about 8 doors from his house and I was also born and brought up in Commercial Street. However, I was told that he prevented anyone going in at 6 pm one evening because the brewery had put up the price of beer by the old halfpenny, his view was that they made enough money out of the members -all miners - and when I asked why no-one walked past him, the reply was, "Not one of them wanted the dirtiest job the following day because your grandfather was in charge underground!" That is totally true!
As always, more useless information from me.
Nice to know he was respected, or was it fear.:eek::2fun:

Reminds me of a time, between my Father and the local British Legion branch in our home town.
I think, but not 100% sure, my Dad was there at the laying of the foundation stone.
Anyway, I digress. In 1952, my Dad was struck down with Empyema of the lungs, and was pretty near deaths door, and was off work for almost 18 months.
My Mum approached the 'most benevolent British Legion', for help, being the wife of an old soldier.
'Certainly, we can help you out', came the reply.

2 men, for two days tidied the garden, and then no more to be seen.
When my Dad had recovered sufficiently, the first thing he did was to 'march' down to the British Legion and told them to stuff their generosity where the sun don't shine, and demanded his membership money back......lo and behold they did. All £2-7s-6d. :2fun:

He never stepped foot in the place again, and the same for a good few of his mates.