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FHUK linked to facebook


Just be aware that what is posted in here might show up on facebook :mad:

I was against the idea when it was first mentioned several years ago and still against it now. There is no need for our "stuff" to be shown on facebook, as a member it takes some of my privacy away. From now on im going to post anything i have a query on in the Private and sensitive forum where hopefully that at least might give some security of it not going to FB.
One side effect of that gibbo is that further posts to a topic there don't appear on the 'Latest posts' list. As a result I've missed possible replies to my recent topics on that board.
I also worry about new members posting names of living people and it shows up in FB with them unaware it can do that. No privacy at all anymore unless you use the sensitive forum.
When did the link! happen.
Not a fan of Facebook.

It happened ages ago Peter, if i remember right around the time they did the new forum layout etc.

I don't mind facebook but i only post what i want on there whereas if i put a thread up in here it comes up in the FHUK facebook page whether i want it to or not.
I was not aware of the link to FB ,which means all my Family/friends on FB sees more of my actions ,taking away more of my privacy .How i spend my day etc
I am afraid that all and ANY websites which are public are open to links via any other sites (social sites like Facebook) - unless they are completely blocked by certain ways to make things private.

As I have said on a number of occasions, we are a public open community forums for like minded people interested in their family history. We have a section which is blocked to all search bots!

If we blocked every thing here on the forums - no one would be able to view, see and ultimately join in as members - as they would never see the forums.

If we did that only I would see the FHUK Community Forums! Which wouldn't be interesting ??!
If data can't be blocked from going to just Facebook then I will be posting all but the remote branches of my tree to the private forum.