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FHUK Website Graphics - discuss


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Nottingham, England.
Hi All,

In the near future we will be updating the website. Part of this will be to refresh the graphics and we are looking for suggestions of what you want. Suggestions can be suggested in words or as sample pictures uploaded here.
The final graphics will be voted on by the FHUK Community later.

Obviously as we are a family history / genealogy site relevant to the UK, we need to have the images reflect this.:)

Here are some header pictures that we have used:
The current "Header" graphic is as follows, which has various colours (depending on the section):

The original old "Header was as follows:


We will also need to be able to use the image (or part of it!) in other areas but smaller.

So ladies and gentlemen, please get your thinking hats on:)

Looking forward to some good input and suggestions from our members.....

All the very best,
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