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North of Watford Gap
Last night, I went through pages and pages of all the various comments I received when trying to get through one of my brick walls, and this was prompted by the thread "IS FH A CHORE".

For all those that are new to this game, let me assure you all that the word 'thanks' is totally inadequate for all the help I've had over the years from so many people on here.

Although most people on here will probably agree, my biggest hope is that someday the census reports will be released sooner, and I believe even 50 years is too long to wait as a lot of information can be gleaned from them.

To one and all, you are brilliant with the support and information you've given and still give.

I'll second that. The help I have received, not only from this forum but others too, has been invaluable. It has also saved me time money and baldness from tearing my hair out in frustration. Thanks is not adequate enough for everyone's help.

Thank you all, everywhere.