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field family

have found some info for you 1841 census
Henry Field, Head, 38 Mar, yalding,Kent eng, Labourer
sarah '' Wife, 30, mar, yalding, kent, eng,
Sarah '' Daug, 13, yalding, kent,eng
Elisa '' daug, 11, Yalding,kent,eng,
William '' Son, 9, Yalding, Kent,eng
Mary '' Son, 7, Yalding,kent,eng

Cival parish St Margaret

1851 Census
Henry Field, Head,48,mar, Labourer,Yalding,kent
Sarah '' , wife,42,mar, _____ , '' ''
william '' , son,19,unm, gardener, '' ''
mary '' , daug, 17,unm, dressmaker, '' ''
emily '' , daug, 6, , '' ''

Lived at 125 Dolce Lane, Rochester
not found any other details as i have been searching Kent Parish records, have found 7 FIELD entries, as of yet not found Henry Field's baptism, but i have the 7 Field entries if you want them, just let me know.;)
thanks very much for info almost certain you have found right one ,i do not know anything about either parents and would be grateful for any more info
thanks christine
kent Parish Records

John Field, of Goudhurst, Lab, bach, & Sue Ellis, of the same,sp, 19 Oct 1798,Canterbury Marr licenses.

Mich Field,of ash, collar worker,bach, & Eliz Bushell, of the s, wid, 23 jul 1792, canterbury marr licenses.

John Field, & Ann Gooding, 11 oct 1792, reg of marriages, Kent, marriage at Penhurst.

Thomas Field & Mary Randall, 24 Jul 1800, Penhurst, Kent

Benj Field, of st. Mary, Dover,bach,& Eliza Spinks, of the s, sp,19 Jan 1796, chas mate of the s, bond, Canterbury marr licenses.

John Barber Field, of the st and cant, saddler,bach,(25) & Sophia Crockford, of border,sp, at B 25 Sep 1803

Sir Chas Ventris Field, Knight Banneret of St. John Thanet , wid, & Cambell Eliz Lill, of the s, wid, 08 Sep 1798

will try and find some more if i have spare time later.:biggrin:
Re. John Barber Field = Sophia Crockford. Before subscribing to this FH site I was glad to find the above information by accident (starting from Google ! ). I was glad to dutifully thank 'jojo21again' per-to-per for her input, and now with help from friends I have found John's baptism and his parents marriage. i.e. bap. 19 April 1778 (Easter Sunday); parents' Thomas Field = Mary Barber, their marriage 21 Jan 1771 at Woodkirk, Ardsley Yorkshire.
bfn, Giotto

Amendments by date.
29 July 2014 My family "Field" thread traced 1525-to-1883 www.g4fas.net/JohnField.html . This is mainly about Woodkirk/Ardsley, West-Yorkshire and includes the award of a coat of arms (1558, Queen Mary) which was made obsolete c.1660.
06 Sept 2014 Regarding the JohnField.html page mentioned above I have now burnt my boats and happy to claim something really far fetched, namely that to the best of my knowledge I am a descendant of the astrologer of Princess Elizabeth Tudor who became Elizabeth the 1st. John Field was that astrologer, and his colleague John Dee was astrologer of Queen Mary. As may be seen, I began this quest in Jun 2008. Now looking forward to comments, cynical or otherwise :)
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You may have this bapitism or not.Though it dosnt answer the double barrelling name.

Field Louisa 28 Nov 1809 St. Andrews Canterbury "John Barber" "Sophia Field"
Many thanks Julie, I hadn't seen the Louisa bap. The Barber mystery more recently extends to her 1905-sister-Sophia's husband, probably a cousin, named James Barber.

Hello every one-----------glad to be back after running along with very good supporters in search of the John Barber Field I mentioned earlier. He was from Ardsley, W.Yorks and so in the meantime I have discovered a potential dynasty of ancestors there---including a terrace of family graves at Woodkirk.
In the mid-1500s Rev. John Field minister and astronomer of East Ardsley was arrested for "conjuring" the King and Queen, whatever that was :). Probably because he was regarded as a heretic for publishing an almanac based on the new fangled Sun centred motion of the planets.
So would anyone like to discuss this.

FIELD Family again
I have found an ancestor's gravestone at St. Mary's, Woodkirk, W. Yorks.
The inscription is "Here lieth the body of Joshua Field who departed this life 31st day of May 1755 aged 74". That gives his birth year c.1681. There is nothing to be seen at Ancestry.co.uk & FamilySearch.org . I have placed him in my Tree at GenesReunited but have had no feedback. The Borthwick Institute at York have told me that Bishops' Transcripts are missing for 1679-80-81 (how about that for bad luck). See also this webpage of mine for more http://www.g4fas.net/SirJohnField.html. Please help me knock down this wall.
Ever the optimist, Giotto

:'( 1600s. A difficult time, inc. the Commonwealth period 1640-1660 (blank)