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Fildes/McTague....looking for my grandparents/great grandparents


Im reasonably new to researching my family tree, I started in April this year and although i have found a fair bit of information on one side of my tree i am really struggling with my dad's paternal line.

I have my Grandad's birth certificate (Robert Fildes b. 21 October 1920) which has his Mum listed as Mary Fildes nee McTague. I know that my Great Grandma was born in 1879 (using the 1939 register as i knew her address) from this date of birth (March 1879). I know she was married to a Mr Cooke before she married my Great Grandad and that they had a daughter Mary.

I searched the BMD website and Ancestry and found maiden name of McTimeney.

The only Mary McTague born in 1879 had the mother's maiden name listed as McTiminey. So i ordered that birth certificate.

I received the certificate today and it has really thrown a spanner in the works as the name on the certificate is ROSANNAH McTague (formerly McTiminey)

Every census i could find prior to receiving this birth certificate showed a Mary McTague living with parents Peter and Mary.

I cannot find anything with a Rosannah McTimeney/McTague ANYWHERE except an 1881 census with a Rose McTague showing (married to Edward with a child Mary born in the correct year)

can anyone help in any way....

sorry if i haven't explained myself very well im going round in flipping circles, feel free to contact me if you need any other information as i have bits and pieces
Robert Fildes marries Mary McTague in 1920 in Manchester? Looking at the Lancashire BMD record of this marriage....it states Mary had a previous surname of Connaughton.
First name(s) ALBERT E
Birth year 1912
Birth quarter 1
Registration month -
Mother's last name McTague
District Prestwich
County Lancashire
Country England
Volume 8D
Page 659
Record set England & Wales Births 1837-2006
Hi Kathryn,
agree with Steve..

did find this of which needs verifying in regards to Mary's children with Cooke...

There is 1911 Uk census that has Mary Cooke widow living with her parents Peter & Mary both born Ireland at 25 Southwell St Harpurhey Manchester with her 3 children, Winifred Cooke b 1903 Manchester, Mary Cooke b 1906 Manchester, son William b 1908 Manchester
is that the correct one and did she have those children?

if so, her parents show they have been married 46 years, had 6 children of which 4 are dec and 2 still alive.. Peter was born 1843 Ballinamore Town Co Letrim Ireland and Mary b 1840 Banagher Galway Ireland - so their marriage probably in Ireland.

daughter Mary b 1879 Manchester had been married 9 years - marriage for a Mary McTague March qtr 1902 Prestwich Lancs to a Thomas Cooke - Vol 8d page 535

regards Val
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1901 Census
Tram Company's Stables, 2, Cardiff Street, Manchester, Lancashire, England

Peter McTague Head Married Male 56 1845 Raiser Of Cotton Or Woollen Goods Ireland
Mary McTague Wife Married Female 56 1845 - Ireland
Mary McTague Daughter Single Female 22 1879 Cap Maker Manchester, Lancashire, England
I see 1881 census on a Tree which has
Mary with parents Edward & Rose also in Lancs.. Edward & Rose were both born Ireland as well as her brothers Michael, Henry, and Peter, sister Catherine Mary & Bridget b St Helen's Lane.
In the 1891 census. Peter and Mary have three children listed as being born in Manchester. William b 1869....Sarah b 1874 and Mary b 1879. A search of the GRO reveals these births . William McTighe b 1869 mothers maiden name Bourke. Sarah McTighe b 1873 mothers maiden name Burke....and Mary McTighe b 1879 mothers maiden name Burke.

I am wondering therefore if Peter Mctague/McTighe married a Mary Burke .I would suggest you buy one of Mary's marriage certificates to see if it confirms her fathers name as Peter. We can then try and search for the marriage of her parents.
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there is a marriage in 1866 registered in Clitheroe.

Lancashire Marriage indexes for the years: 1866
Surname Forename(s) Surname Forename(s) Church / Register Office Registers At Reference
MCTEIGUE Peter BOURGKUE Mary Ribble Register Office or Registrar Attended Preston
1871 Census
Dew Court, Manchester, Lancashire, England

Peter McTeigue Head - Male 26 1845 - Ireland
Mary McTeigue Wife - Female 24 1847 - Ireland
William McTeigue Son - Male 2 1869 - Lancashire, England
Regarding the death of Albert Edward Connaughton. His death certificate is in his army service record. He served in the army pre WW1. He died on the 1st August 1911 of pleura pneumonia and peritonitis. The informant was his brother in law J H McClelland. So he must have died within weeks of getting married to Mary. Mary's sister Sarah McTague married James Henry McClelland in 1897 in Manchester. The son Albert Edward Connaughton b 1912 died in 1917.
Probable death of Thomas.

First name(s) THOMAS
Last name COOKE
Gender Male
Birth day -
Birth month -
Birth year 1879
Age 29
Death quarter 4
Death year 1908
District Prestwich
County Lancashire
Volume 8D
Page 216
As Thomas Cookes death was registered in the 4th quarter of 1908.....there is a possible burial for him on the 16th January 1909 in a common grave in Philips park cemetery. D consecrated 160 position 29.
Regarding the information on the 1911 census that Peter and Mary had 6 children,,,two still alive and four had died.
We already have William,Sarah and Mary.....the other three I believe are John McTaigue b 1867 Clitheroe mothers maiden name Bourke. Another John...John McTighue b 1871 Manchester mothers maiden name Burke....and Joseph McTeigue b 1877 Manchester mothers maiden name Burke.

John b 1867 died 1868 registered Bury.
John b 1871 died 1874 Manchester.
William b 1869 died 1900 Manchester.
Joseph b 1877 died 1882 Chorlton.
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First name(s) MARY
Last name MCTIGHE
Gender Female
Birth day -
Birth month -
Birth year 1842
Age 63
Death quarter 2
Death year 1905
District Prestwich
County Lancashire
Volume 8D
Page 227
Thank you for all your replies, i am not being rude, i am trying to piece together all the information you have provided. i will be back in touch soon.

many many thanks for all your help so far

best regards


Yes these people do seem to be the correct people.

we had heard a rumor that Mary Mctague (my Great Grandma) had been married 3 times but with no one on that side of the family still alive except her grandchildren who never knew her we had no one to ask.

i was sure that Mary's parents were Peter and Mary not the people listed on the birth certificate that i bought. i am going to order Mary's marriage certificate to my great grandad (Robert Fildes) with the hope that this will list her father's name and confirm that he was indeed Peter McTague.

I am now going to look at Winefred and William who were my grandfathers siblings, my dad never even knew that his dad had an extra half brother and sister and only remembers his auntie Mary (Cooke) so it may well be that these children died reasonably young.

any further help or input would be wonderful...i didn't even know about the Lancashire BMD website until it was mentioned one here.

Gortonboy...it looks like you are possibly just down the road from me, i live in Dane Bank!!

Kind regards