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File naming convention for digital photographs


England / GB / UK
Hi everyone,

I've been researching my family tree for many years now, but one element that has always perplexed me is the naming of photographs. I have a good grasp on the naming of certificates and register entries but naming photographs eludes me - especially when they are group photographs, or have significant additional information associated with them. I have spent many hours reading various sites and I know there is no golden rule that is universally accepted.

How do you name and store your photographs, and why have you chosen that method?
As you have found out, is that everyone has a system. There is no foolproof method for doing this.
So in effect, your own system is usually the best one for yourself.

All I do is put the names on the back of the photo and where it was taken. This is done in pencil, the reason for that it is less affected by damp and wet conditions, if the worst happens. Filed in order of Surname/Christian name after scanning to my tree.