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Find Spouse

Wallsend. Newcastle, NSW
I am trying to find a spouse for Ann Elizabeth Stow. they were married in 1862 at Clerkenwell. I don't want to send for a certificate, but if it's the only way, I'll have to. Is there some other way I can find the spouse. Not on BMD or Family Search.

Ann Elizabeth, is the youngest Child of John Stow and Jane Bannister, who I can't find a marriage for them either.
Hi Christine,

Found and Ann Stowe marriage on the bmd for 1859 Clerkenwell Oct-Dec 1/4.

Had another look for John and Jane but still no luck.

Julie. Wrong Ann Stow. Mine is in the 1861 census named as Ann Elizabeth Stow. Living with her mother Jane. Jane died in June 1862 at Clerkenwell, same year Ann's marriage I found on BMD. John, died in1851 in Islington, Middlesex. I'm sure he is the right John Stow, He was born 1778 and was a bookbinder. He was married before, and had 3 Children to his first wife, who died in 1837. he had been with Jane before then, as they had 6 children between 1819 and 1837. they must have lived in sin, I can't find a divorce for John and Sophia Euwins, or a marriage with Jane. so he must have been a dirty old man,and didn't marry Jane.
Hi Julie, it's me again. Yes I found Jane Bannister's birth, And death under Stow. All I need now is her marriage, if she ever was.
I have her daughter's marriage down to two. Either John Milner, or George William Cunnington. Not in Family Search, none of my Stow Family are.