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Finding a Knight Templar

I'm trying to find out info.on one of my forefathers.His name was Sir Walter De Dyghton/Dighton/Deighton.I know he was a Knight Templar,also when the Knights Templar Protectory was founded at Temple Newsham,Yorkshire. In 1181 AD,Sir Walter took charge as Knight Preceptor.Does anyone know where I can obtain copies of this info.and any other info. on him and his family?And pictures of Temple Newsham,or any and all info to aid my research of this family        Regards                                                            Darlene Smith
Hi Keith,
I'll give that web site a try.But it's sure hard to keep out of mischif.But it's worth the try.Sure do appericate all the help.
Hi I found a website that you might be interested in. I typed in Temple Newsham. Yorkshire They have several sites to choose from Here is one that I looked at
www.liquidlogic.co.uk/Contact+us  Try it . They might be able to stear you in the right direction I got help from these same people. It is worth a shot talk to you soon Hurdon Good Luck!
Hello! I typed your ancestors name onto the web and it took me to www.andrewbalfour.com. Apparently he was something big in America - a true blue hero. He was married to an Elizabeth Todd Dayton who, I believe may have been a distant (very distant) relative of your Sir Walter. It does take a bit of digging through as the list of descendants of this lady is very long. But, if this does prove to be a link, it would be great - the lineage goes back to Edward the Longshanks and Henry the third!!! Good luck with your search - if I find anything else, I'll let you know. I'm very interested in the Knights Templar and now I've got a good excuse to do some more digging!!!
I came across something the other day that said that Sir Walter de Dyghton was the King's treasurer, which would fit in with one of the occupations of the Knights Templar.
Hi, I am also a descendant of Walter de Deighton, he was my 23rd great grandfather. Finding this thread interesting