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finding ancestors

can anyone help me im trying to find out my ancestors by the name of archer the only info i have is my great grandad samuel joseph archer born in 1878 married to an elizabeth and lived in bilston his dad was james archer born in 1846 in statford upon avon married to an elizabeth born in tipton 1847 and james mom was mary smith born 1818 in stratford upon avon and was a widower but i am so stuck it is getting me uptight would be so pleased if anyone can help me have bits but cant get any further without census and certificates thanks to anyone who can help
hiya jayne its joe,there will definatley someone on here who will help when i found this site the other day everyone was really helpful.Once you get into it you will be fine xxx
Hi there and welcome.
1881 census:

Benjamin H. Archer 11
Elizabeth Archer 34
Elizabeth A. Archer 6
Florence E. Archer
James Archer 35 Labourer in Ironworks
Joseph Archer 8
Samuel J. Archer 3
Mary Smith 63

All at 47 Bilston St, Bilston.

I'll have a look at other cenuses and get back to you.

Bye for now,


Have found James and family with mother Mary on 1881 census and the 1871.
Not been able to pin him down on the 1861 census, but found a James Smith with Mother Mary and father Thomas. James born abt 1847 Stratford Upon Avon. There is also a marriage for a Mary Archer and also listed on the page is a Thomas Smith year 1849 December 1/4 district Stratford Upon Avon. Also looking for James's birth found one year of registration 1847 March 1/4 district Stratford Upon Avon but there was also another birth for a William Archer same details. Whether this is the same family could be putting 2 and 2together and making 5. As you dont say what you are stuck on and what info you have I havnt given the census info and just seen Hawkeyes come up with the 1881 census.


at 7 Thornley St, Wolverhampton

Benjamin H Archer 21 Iron Plate Worker
Elizabeth Archer 44
Elizabeth A Archer 16
Elsie M Archer 6
Emily F Archer 10
James Archer 45 Iron Plate Worker
Joseph Archer 18 Iron Plate Worker
Samuel I Archer 13
Elizabeth Owens 68 (I think this is a transcription error and it says 'Onions' not Owens)
John Owens 70 (as above) Retired Millwright


at 7 Thornley St, Wolverhampton

Elizabeth Archer 54
Elsie Archer 16
Elizabeth Onious 76
George Richards 39 Lodger

At first glance I can't see where Samuel Archer is in 1901, but I'll get back to you on that too.

Hope that all gives you a good start.


Just seen your post probaly is Onions as found a marriage for James Archer and a Elizabeth Onions. Year 1867 June 1/ district Aston vol 6d page 347.

1871 census

civil parish Bilston

James Archer born abt 1847 head
Elizabeth wife born abt 1847
Benjamin son born abt 1870
Mary Smith age 30 boarder

1851 census civil parish Old Stratford-address Milton Row

James Smith son born abt 1848 Stratford
Mary Smith born abt 1821 Pillerton
Mary Smith dau born abt 1845 Stratford
Thomas Smith head born abt 1828 Stratford occ labourer in Brewery

living next door is another family of Smiths

Benjamin Smith head age 33 labourer in brewery
Jane wife age 34
Sarah Ann age 7
Hannah dau age 3
Jane dau age 6

hiya julie its joe,jayne is a friend of mine and my mom told her about this site and how much you had helped but she aint to good with this sort of stuff as she as only just started her tree (sorry jayne lol) thanks for helping her though i will tell her to move her e-mail xxx
OK Joe, but she still needs to make sure thats shes got the right family.
I still think a certificate here and there would back the info up dont want her
on the wrong family tree.

thanks 2 you both thats great anything you find is a bonus anything you can send would be a brill a really got a clue but would be interesting to find anything as to why james suddenly changed his name to archer and also if u could see if u can find anything on another james archer who i found in bmd that is born in 1936 in west brom and i think its my dads bro but he nows nothing og him and the family dow now anything about him i will be forever in your thanks speak to you soon

The more you come forward the harder it is to look at records due to the data protection act. You could obtain the birth certificate and that will give you the parents names, fathers occ and familys address. Findymypast have a section on living relatives this is pay per view. Theres telephone directories, electoral rolls. Heres a link below about tracing living people if thats what you intend to do.


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just had a good look at the census you both sent me and its looks promising cuz the names do tally to what ive got now samuels kids are i think if he is the right one, joseph,richard,martha,lizzie,lola,pat and florence canit get anything on them but i now if these link up thenn they r my family thanks for what ur doing , these kids r the link but cant get info on this mary smith i now u sed u will help and thanks and joe is right i am pretty thick at this but ta