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Finding Emily Abbott Birth/date

Hello..I'm looking for my grandmother birth/cert Emily Abbott, her father's name is George Abbott his a bricklayer, this is what it says on her married/cert to my grandfather Walter John Goodbody.

I did have a birth/cert for her which i had for 12 years, but just befor christmas i saw told that this child died at the age off 3years old, i did put in for this death/cert to find out and it turned out to be ture.

On this child's death/cert the address was the same as her siblings, so that showed that this was right.

On her married/cert her name is Emily Marianne Abbott, this is the same on her daughter birth/cert but on her son[my father Alfred Ernest Goodbody it says Emily Marion Abbott, her death/cert just says Emily Goodbody.

I can not find any birth with these middle names, her death/cert says she was 76 when she died, her married/cert says she was 20.

So that would make her birth around 1888-1889, she married in Paddington 1909 and had all her 5 children in Paddington.

Hope somone can help please.

Thank you Records
PS, The birth/cert i first got was Emily Ann Abbott 1891 Brentford, i thought Ann was short for Marianne.

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